79 Percent Of CIOs Hope To Move Beyond That Role

79 Percent Of CIOs Hope To Move Beyond That Role

by Peter High, published on Forbes


Last week at the Forbes CIO Summit in Naples, Florida, we gathered an elite group of chief information officers to talk about the evolution of the function, the growing span of influence of great IT leaders, and learn about trends that are ascending in importance in the minds of these executives. A poll question asked of the group was “Do you aspire to move beyond the CIO role?” Interestingly, 79 percent of the CIOs gathered indicated that they are interested in moving beyond the role to become CEOs and COOs, for example.

On the one hand, this is not so surprising for a group of high performing CIOs, but considering the fact that it was not so long ago that CIO was believed to stand for “career is over” because  CIOs could rarely move beyond this role, it is all the more heartening.  I have profiled a great number of Beyond CIOs, and several of them joined us to lend further insight into this trend.

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