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Management and Strategy Consulting Opportunity with Metis Strategy

Metis Strategy is currently looking for an individual who has a proven track record of being ambitious, curious, analytical, articulate, highly motivated, and fun to work with to join our team as a Junior or Senior Associate. Junior Associates are expected to have a university degree with a focus on business, finance, technology or related areas and relevant work or internship experiences over the course of one to two years.  Senior Associates are expected to have a minimum of two years of work experiences in a professional services or client-facing technology or product role; a graduate or professional degree is desired.

Associates will become integral parts of our nimble project teams and are expected to make contributions to our analytical problem-solving and client-advisory responsibilities from day one. The Associate will use the firm’s and/or other standard analytical frameworks and methodologies on various aspects of client assignments, led by a senior member of our team.

Associates will be responsible for self-sufficiently as well as collaboratively managing and conducting all efforts related to the objectives, deliverables, and work plans of each client engagement in a timely and often fast-paced manner. This will include critical thinking and analysis, primary & secondary research, data collection and synthesis, researching company and industry trends, analysis and modeling, assisting with client presentations and report development, idea generation, formulation of hypotheses, and effectively communicating actionable recommendations to clients. Additionally, Associates will be involved in the diverse array of all Metis Strategy business and client advisory efforts, including business development, intellectual capital development, media outreach, the launch of Metis Strategy’s STAR Software, a project portfolio management tool based on Metis Strategy’s proprietary STAR Methodology, and many other internal and client-facing activities.

With technology at the forefront of innovation and digital experiences at the core of many aspects of our personal and professional lives, there is no better time to join our boutique firm of perpetually curious and tech savvy business strategists. Our team of dynamic consultants has worked in a wide variety of industries in the United States and internationally, helping business and IT executives with strategic planning and execution as well as with aligning corporate strategy, divisional strategy, and divisional investments. Business travel requirements vary depending on the nature of the client engagement and the location of our clients and partners but are part of our professional lives. If you are looking for a “9 to 5 job”, this opportunity may not be for you but if you are motivated to push your own thinking and that of your colleagues and clients while making a meaningful impact on the direction and operations of some of the world’s leading companies, we look forward to hearing from you!

Detailed Qualifications & Expectation:

Metis Strategy is looking for a diverse blend of professional skills, experience, and talents in candidates. These should include most, if not all, of the following:

  • Mature intellectual abilities, critical thinking, innate curiosity, and sound judgment;
  • willingness to learn, train, share, and listen;
  • strong and demonstrated hypotheses-driven analytical skills (e.g, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, scenario analysis, root cause analysis);
  • demonstrated ability and passion to use multiple analytic approaches to define, conceptualize, and solve complex business problems in a client-oriented environment;
  • proven business and technology acumen through relevant internships, work experiences, volunteer or extracurricular activities;
  • ability to conduct and synthesize research findings, including the management of large amounts of information, sourcing of data, and the application of the “80/20 rule”;
  • genuine interest in fast-changing business and technology developments and the ability to keep up with them;
  • previously demonstrated ability to define and manage scope of work efforts, timelines, project plans, requirements, and to meet tight deadlines;
  • resourcefulness and creativity that is conveyed in a practical, thoughtful, and actionable manner;
  • strong oral and written communication skills (exceptional command of written and professionally spoken English is a MUST although additional language skills are desired);
  • high motivation,  entrepreneurial, and innovative problem-solving skills in a small business setting;
  • independent, forward-thinking, and results-oriented work;
  • “roll-up-the-sleeves” and “can-do” attitude throughout the client engagement lifecycle;
  • professional integrity, exceptional interpersonal and ,relationship-building skills;
  • ability to work in an energetic team environment at our firm’s offices, at client locations, or on the go

While a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 – or equivalent proof of academic or professional excellence – is expected, Metis Strategy is also looking for concrete examples of how candidates have excelled in the aforementioned and other relevant disciplines. Candidates should be effective in using spreadsheet and presentation applications, such as MS-PowerPoint and MS-Excel.

While the immediate opportunity is for a full-time Associate position, we welcome proposals of project-based or part-time independent consultant work.

Compensation is competitive and will be commensurate with each candidate’s qualifications and relevant work experience.

Please send your resume and personalized cover letter including your specific interest in the Metis Strategy Associate position (no copy & paste, please!) to


Full-Time and Contracting Opportunities

Metis Strategy is always looking for bright, curious, analytical, and motivated people to join our team. Generally speaking, there are four main areas in which our firm engages. They are:

1. Business Development
2. Client Work
3. Intellectual Capital Development and Refinement
4. Recruiting

All consultants on our team, regardless of their seniority, participate in and are called upon to make meaningful contributions to each of the above areas. Additionally, all project team members, again irrespective of their seniority, participate in almost all client meetings. We believe that client contact is a key source of growth and development for all involved; therefore this is not the domain of the most senior team members alone.

We are strongly committed to the development of our team members, providing diverse experiences and learning opportunities within the firm, while also regularly encouraging them to pursue ideas they are passionate about on their own. Our team-oriented environment is built on the premise that for the firm to continue to prosper, we must remain deeply committed to the growth of our individual team members.

Internship Opportunities

Metis Strategy is interested in working with interns throughout the year. Interns are called upon to make meaningful contributions to our firm, and are generally responsible for primary & secondary research, analysis and modeling, working with clients, idea generation, and communicating recommendations to clients. Additionally, interns are involved in business and firm development. Through substantial access to, and collaboration with, the senior leaders of our firm, our intern program provides an in depth introduction to consulting. Our interns have not only become full-time consultants for Metis Strategy, but many have gone on to top-ten law schools as well as careers in investment banking and other areas of finance.

If you are interested in exploring opportunities at Metis Strategy, please contact us at