Welcome to our Careers page, where we hope you will find the information necessary to be compelled to join our team.

Invested in the development of our people and recruiting
talented, ambitious, and innovative additions to our team

Full-Time and Contracting Opportunities

Metis Strategy is always looking for bright, curious, analytical, and motivated people to join our team. Generally speaking, there are four main areas in which our firm engages. They are:

1. Business Development
2. Client Work
3. Intellectual Capital Development and Refinement
4. Recruiting

All consultants on our team, regardless of their seniority, participate in and are called upon to make meaningful contributions to each of the above areas. Additionally, all project team members, again irrespective of their seniority, participate in almost all client meetings. We believe that client contact is a key source of growth and development for all involved; therefore this is not the domain of the most senior team members alone.

We are strongly committed to the development of our team members, providing diverse experiences and learning opportunities within the firm, while also regularly encouraging them to pursue ideas they are passionate about on their own. Our team-oriented environment is built on the premise that for the firm to continue to prosper, we must remain deeply committed to the growth of our individual team members.

Internship Opportunities

Metis Strategy is interested in working with interns throughout the year. Interns are called upon to make meaningful contributions to our firm, and are generally responsible for primary & secondary research, analysis and modeling, working with clients, idea generation, and communicating recommendations to clients. Additionally, interns are involved in business and firm development. Through substantial access to, and collaboration with, the senior leaders of our firm, our intern program provides an in depth introduction to consulting. Our interns have not only become full-time consultants for Metis Strategy, but many have gone on to top-ten law schools as well as careers in investment banking and other areas of finance.

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