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Divisional-Level Strategy

STAR Methodology in the property & casualty insurance industry


A Fortune 500 property & casualty insurance company asked Metis Strategy to assist the Claims Division (the company’s largest division) in developing a three-year strategy for four of the sub-divisions under Claims. Additionally, Metis Strategy was asked to provide an assessment of existing project investments in each of the areas, as well as to develop new, innovative ideas to pursue relative to each strategic plan.


Using Metis Strategy’s STAR Methodology, the Metis Strategy team worked closely with the head of each sub-division and his or her direct reports, plus representatives from the agent community and from IT to develop a three-year strategic plan for each. At the conclusion of each strategy development, we then worked with business leaders, agents, and IT leaders to evaluate which projects aligned well to that strategy and which did not. Finally, the Metis Strategy team led a brainstorming exercise to develop new ideas to help push forward unmet needs identified through the strategic plan.


In the final deliverables, the Metis Strategy team assessed the current portfolio, providing feedback on which projects aligned well with the strategic plans of the organization and which did not. By virtue of this exercise, a significant number of projects were canceled, and those funds were used in areas of higher value. Additionally, we provided feedback on how much of the strategic plan would be accomplished over the three year time horizon based on the project investments identified, and where future innovation would be necessary in order to complete the plan.