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Chris Corrado, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Information Officer at London Stock Exchange Group

In this interview, Chris Corrado, Chief Information Officer & Chief Operating Officer at London Stock Exchange Group, discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, World Class IT Principle Four, IT and Business Partnerships, and Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The importance and evolution of the role of information for CIOs
  • The CIO as strategist
  • The significance of a technologist being able to understand and respond to the culture of an organization
  • The state of technology in the U.K. compared to the U.S.
  • Mitigating risk
  • Implications of Brexit for financial information companies
  • Eye on the trends: augmented intelligence

CIO-Plus Series Summary in Forbes

This summary page provides access to the multi-part CIO-Plus series in Forbes
The CIO-Plus series in Forbes explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles. Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic.

David Thompson, EVP, Global Operations and Technology, CIO of Western Union, EVP, Global Operations and Technology, CIO of Western Union

Peter High interviews David Thompson, the Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Technology and the Chief Information Officer at The Western Union Company. They discuss approaches to safeguarding company data, building partnerships to facilitate innovation, among many other topics.

GoDaddy’s Growth From Niche Registrar To Multibillion-Dollar Cloud-Services Business

Arne Josefsberg, CIO and Chief Infrastructure Officer of
Peter High interviews Arne Josefsberg, CIO and Chief Infrastructure Officer of, about GoDaddy’s business mode, the leveling of the playing field for small businesses, and the changing digital environment, as well as a variety of other topics

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert Drives Digital And Security Transformation

Ted Colbert, CIO of Boeing
Peter High interviews Ted Colbert, Chief Information Officer of Boeing about data analytics, finding areas of commonality within the business, innovation, and a variety of other topics

Roger Gurnani Has A Front Row Seat For The Digital And IoT Revolutions At Verizon

Roger Gurnani, Chief Information and Technology Architect of Verizon Communications
Peter High interviews Roger Gurnani, Chief Information and Technology Architect of Verizon. They discuss his unique role and title, how Verizon is uniquely able to understand the future of the Internet of Things, and future strategic objectives of the organization , as well as a variety of other topics.

Why Dunkin’ Brands’ CIO Was Asked to Lead Strategy As Well

Jack Clare, Chief Information and Strategy Officer of Dunkin’ Brands
Peter High interviews Jack Clare, the Chief Information and Strategy Officer of Dunkin’ Brands. They discuss how he rose to his role as CIO-Plus including his responsibilities as the head of strategy at the organization, how other CIOs can follow in his footsteps, and why he thinks CIOs are uniquely equipped to handle the strategy creation of organizations.

Bloomin’ Brands’ CIO Has Led Digital, eCommerce, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Strategy

Donagh Herlihy, Executive Vice President of Digital and Chief Information Officer of Bloomin’ Brands
Peter High interviews Donagh Herlihy, EVP of Digital and CIO at Bloomin’ Brands. They discuss the digital customer journey, mobile technology, and how Digital should be led within an organization, as well as a variety of other topics.

Mondelez International’s Mark Dajani’s Role Keeps On Growing

Mark Dajani, Chief Information and Process Officer of Mondelez International
Peter High interviews Mark Dajani, SVP and CIO-Plus about his expanding role within Mondelez International, his thoughts on process and innovation improvement, and how to create the infrastructure required to empower organizational innovation

Metis Strategy President, Peter High, Featured in Article, CIOs Boost Their Careers Doing Double Duty discusses ways in which CIOs can take on functions outside of IT to go beyond the traditional CIO role, featuring Metis Strategy’s Peter High
Peter High, President at Metis Strategy featured in’s article on CIO-Pluses