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Vince Campisi Drives Digital Offense and Defense at United Technologies

Peter High interviews Vince Campisi, SVP Digital and CIO of United Technologies. Among the topics they discuss include:

  • How United Technologies approaches IT and digital in a way that maximizes synergies
  • How IT and digital are organized and governed within the organization
  • How United Technologies manages offensive and defensive capabilities
  • How United Technologies organizes its innovation functions into United Technologies Digital and United Technologies Research Center
  • United Technologies Digital Accelerator in Dumbo Brooklyn, how priorities are set, and the unique processes they employ
  • Vince’s perspective on the advantages of companies operating at scale, versus the advantages of a digitally native organization
  • How United Technologies manages cybersecurity risk as an increasing number of its products are connected to the IoT

Diane Schwarz, VP and Chief Information Officer of Textron Inc.

In this interview, Diane Schwarz discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, World Class IT Principle Three, Project and Portfolio Management, World Class IT Principle Four, IT and Business Partnerships, and World Class IT Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How IT is structured within Textron, and how dual reporting structures are used to enable business-unit IT and enterprise-level IT effectively collaborate
  • The criteria that business units use to find a balance between shared services and specialized solutions
  • How Diane’s strategic plan – which focuses on (1) advancing the business, (2) making IT easy, (3) protecting the enterprise, and (4) succeeding with talent – keeps the business units moving in a coordinating direction while allowing variability for specific strategies
  • How Diane uses ideation events and hackathons to drive innovation across the business and provide the environment for employees to grow outside of their comfort zone
  • How IT is made easy by emphasizing communication and maintaining comprehensive knowledge bases on IT tools
  • Diane’s career progression, and why she advises aspiring CIOs to gain experience both inside and outside of IT
  • Eye on the trends: the diffusion of technology through all business functions, and machine learning and artificial intelligence

How a Tech Background Hones Business Sense

Dan Fallon, President and COO of GFMI Metalcrafters
At the end of the day, it’s about information, automation and execution, whether plugging away in a data center or setting strategy and reaching goals in the C-suite.

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert Drives Digital And Security Transformation

Ted Colbert, CIO of Boeing
Peter High interviews Ted Colbert, Chief Information Officer of Boeing about data analytics, finding areas of commonality within the business, innovation, and a variety of other topics

CIO Balances Risk, Productivity and Strategy, by Peter High in CIO Insight Article

John Lamberth, CIO of PAE, talks about his role as Chief Information Officer
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with John Lamberth about his remote travel to understand the needs of field personnel as it comes to IT, and how he balances innovation and security as a government contractor, among other topics.

ATK CIO Says Metrics-Driven IT Paves the Way for Innovation, article on

ATK CIO Says Metrics-Driven IT Paves the Way for Innovation
ATK CIO, Jeff Kubacki, discusses with John Gallant, Chief Content Office of IDG Enterprise, the importance of metrics-driven IT in driving an innovative IT organization highlighting Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, and his firm’s World Class IT Methodology.

Innovative CIOs Show How to Make Money With IT, Peter High featured in CIO article

Peter featured in CIO article on how CIOs are driving new revenue streams
A select few CIOs are generating cold hard cash through innovation and collaboration. We rounded up examples of CIOs who generate revenue with IT, either by boosting sales or developing a product or service sold externally.

How to Work With External Strategic Partners, article in CIO Insight

Peter High writes for CIO Insight on the importance of treating vendors as partners
A growing number of CIOs are working closely with external strategic partners to gain mutual benefits for their company and their partners.