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CIO-Plus Series Summary in Forbes

This summary page provides access to the multi-part CIO-Plus series in Forbes
The CIO-Plus series in Forbes explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles. Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic.

Workday Hires New CIO Diana McKenzie From Amgen

Diana Mackenzie, Chief Information Officer of Workday
A CIO is on the move. Diana Mackenzie, formerly of Amgen, will be moving to Workday

ADP’s Innovation Lab Drives New Ideas And Cultural Change Within The Company

Keith Fulton, Chief Technology Officer of ADP
Peter High interviews Keith Fulton, CTO of Automatic Data Processing about innovation, the creation of an innovation lab, its effect on ADP as a whole, as well as a variety of other topics

SAIC’s CIO Leads A Revenue Generating Service Oriented Team

Bob Fecteau, CIO of SAIC
Peter High interviews the CIO of one of the largest IT services organizations in the country. They discuss how SAIC has been able to continue to provide excellent customer service to its clients, and how he led as a CIO during his preliminary time as CIO

The Vision Of HP Inc.’s Future CEO: 3-D Printing, Immersive Computing And Mobile

Dion Weisler, Executive Vice President of HP’s Printing and Personal Systems Organization
Peter High interviews the future CEO of HP Inc. as Hewlett Packard goes through the process of dividing its organization. They discuss the future of the organization, opportunities in the pipeline, and the future of innovation at HP Inc.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: Stephen Gillett, Symantec

Moving beyond CIO to COO
No stranger to executive roles at some of America’s most recognizable brands – Starbucks, Best Buy, and now, Symantec, Stephen Gillett regularly leverages the skills he developed as a CIO

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Karl Salnoske, GXS

CIO and EVP of Service Delivery- when B2B integration is the business, IT and operations have to go hand in hand
Peter High speaks with Karl Salnoske, who identified the need for a CIO-plus role at his company before he was even hired, and recommended the creation of the position he would eventually fill.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Mike Capone, ADP

CIO and Corporate VP of Product Development- driving business innovation through IT
In another CIO-Plus Series piece, Peter High speaks with Mike Capone of ADP, whose title speaks to the importance of technology products at the business process services company.

The Emergence of the CIO-Plus, series in Forbes

Peter High commences his series on the “CIO-Plus” for Forbes
Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic. In his Technovation column, Peter High explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles.

ADP’s Three Steps to Facilitating an IT Culture of Innovation, article in Forbes

In his Forbes “Technovation” column, Peter High shares his experience leading an IT innovation brainstorm session with ADP
Being a CIO for a company with “Data” in the name means you need to be on the leading edge of innovation. ADP CIO, Mike Capone, fosters a culture of innovation within his team to do just that.