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George Corbin, SVP of Digital at Marriott International

In this interview, George Corbin, Senior Vice President of Digital for Marriott International, discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, and Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Marriott’s place among the highest revenue earners by a digital channel
  • The maturity curve and the challenge of disruption for incumbent companies
  • Advantages that incumbents have over startups in evolving industries
  • Disrupting your own organization
  • The millennial mindset that spans across multiple age demographics
  • Marriott’s transformation of the service experience
  • Leading and managing a transforming organization
  • The impact of Airbnb on the hospitality industry
  • Adapting across an organization to fundamental shifts in customers’ needs and expectations
  • The influence of culture and existing operating models on a company’s management of digital disruption
  • Marriott’s embracement of the localization of the travel experience
  • Characteristics of a successful Chief Digital Officer
  • Building alliances and coalitions to drive and support change
  • Using pilot programs to de-risk change for internal and external partners
  • Messaging as a service, not marketing

Starwood CIO Martha Poulter Fosters A Culture Of Innovation

Martha Poulter, CIO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Peter High interviews the CIO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Martha Poulter, and discusses innovation, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, as well as a variety of other topics

From Acquired To Leading the Acquirer: Stewart McCutcheon’s Journey At Ecolab

From Acquired To Leading the Acquirer: Stewart McCutcheon’s Journey At Ecolab
Peter High discusses with Stewart McCutcheon, EVP and CIO of Ecolab, his rise to the role, his journey through the acquisition of Nalco as well as his priorities and goals in the first 100 days leading the IT organization of the B2B colossus.

Forbes Business CIO Series: Bruce Hoffmeister, Global CIO of Marriott

Bruce Hoffmeister, Global CIO of Marriott
Bruce Hoffmeister discusses with Peter High his background and rise to the role of Global CIO of Marriott.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: John Boushy, Ameristar Casinos

Moving beyond CIO to CEO of Ameristar Casinos
How John Boushy, one of the first great CIOs, became CEO of Ameristar Casino after leading IT at Harrah’s

Forbes Series Kick Off: Beyond CIO

The most talented IT executives are advancing beyond CIO
Peter High introduces his new series, “Beyond CIO”, in which he explores the growing trend of other C-Suite executives first making a stop in IT

Successful Chief Information Officers Speak the Language of Business: Finance, article in Forbes

Peter High writes about the importance of financial competence for IT
In the first article of his “Technovation” column for Forbes, Peter High speaks with Marriott CIO Bruce Hoffmeister and Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby about the importance of IT leaders being able to article value through financial terms- a language everyone in the business can understand.

CIOs Can Be Chief Innovation Officers, Too, article in CIO

Peter High writes an article about the synergy of technology and innovation leadership for CIO
Call it “CIO squared.” Companies are tapping savvy execs to handle two complementary roles at the same time: chief information officer and chief innovation officer.

Should the CIO Run HR, Too?, article in CIO Insight

Peter High writes an article for CIO Insight on Ameristar Casino’s dual SVP of IT and HR
Rarely have IT and HR been led by the same individual. But similarities between these departments, combined with the need to think creatively about each, has caused some progressive companies to consider this combined role. Sheleen Quish is, perhaps, the most prominent example of this. After leading IT departments at Unitrin and U.S. Can, among other companies, she joined Ameristar Casinos as CIO in early 2007 and soon took added responsibility for the HR department. Here’s what she learned about managing this dual role.

Out of Alignment

Hugging the business too closely can squeeze the lifeblood out of IT
Much has been written about the need for information technology departments to align with the business units within their companies. IT should understand the company’s strategic direction, so the thinking goes, and develop solutions to meet those needs. This trend led many IT departments to develop a return on investment (ROI) analysis for each project.