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CIO-Plus Series Summary in Forbes

This summary page provides access to the multi-part CIO-Plus series in Forbes
The CIO-Plus series in Forbes explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles. Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic.

CIO Changes IT Into Driver of Innovation, by Peter High in CIO Insight Article

Ananthan Thandri, CIO of Mentor Graphics, talks about his role as Chief Information Officer
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with Ananthan Thnandri about how he converted the IT organization into an engine of innovation, and how his team engages customers, among other topics.

Tata Group’s First Ever CTO Sets Sights On Making Company Top Ten Innovator In The World

Gopichand Katragadda, CTO of Tata Group
Peter High interviews the CTO of India’s most well known company, Tata Group, and discusses innovation, how India is a doorway to the global marketplace, and his thoughts on India’s education system, as well as a variety of other topics

Insights From a Smart House Innovator, article in Forbes

New Era Housing
Ian Cuervas-Mons, CEO and Founder of ThinkBigFactory, discusses advancements in technology and gadgets that would enable us to live in smarter houses.

Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2014, article in Forbes

Gartner: Top 10 Tech Trends for 2014
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 as discussed at Gartner Symposium/ ITxpo 2013

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Randy Krotowski, Caterpillar

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Caterpillar, Inc.
Randy Krotowski, a VP and CIO at Caterpillar, focused on understanding the company history and culture, business unit functions, and external partners in preparation of his role as Caterpillar’s new CIO.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: David Johns, Owens Corning

CIO and Chief Shared Services Officer- enabling growth through centers of excellence
In another CIO-Plus Series piece, Peter High talks with David Johns of Owens Corning about how he has yielded valued through Centers of Excellence.

The Emergence of the CIO-Plus, series in Forbes

Peter High commences his series on the “CIO-Plus” for Forbes
Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic. In his Technovation column, Peter High explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles.

Tesla Motors and Qualcomm Identify When IT Standards May Not Be Necessary, article in Forbes

Leading CIOs of Tesla Motors and Qualcomm featured in Peter High’s Technovation column in Forbes
Buying over building — Standardizing processes across units– Two CIOs are bucking these trends for good reason.

Inside Qualcomm’s Integrated IT Infrastructure, article in CIO Insight

Peter High conducts a Q&A for CIO Insight
Norm Fjeldheim, Qualcomm’s SVP and CIO, shares his views on the company’s approach to “everything as a service” (XaaS), the rationale for choosing this strategy, the challenges he met along the way and the value he has garnered for his company.