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CIO-Plus Series Summary in Forbes

This summary page provides access to the multi-part CIO-Plus series in Forbes
The CIO-Plus series in Forbes explores the trend of CIOs who are taking on more C-level titles. Most CIOs where many hats. The good news is, those hats are getting more strategic.

Marina Levinson’s Path From CIO To Venture Capitalist

Marina Levinson, Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures
Peter High interviews the former CIO of Netapp and Palm, about the next steps in her career path, her ongoing involvement with venture capital and technology advisory organizations, and advice she offers to current CIOs to getting more involved with company boards of directors

SAIC’s CIO Leads A Revenue Generating Service Oriented Team

Bob Fecteau, CIO of SAIC
Peter High interviews the CIO of one of the largest IT services organizations in the country. They discuss how SAIC has been able to continue to provide excellent customer service to its clients, and how he led as a CIO during his preliminary time as CIO

Tata Group’s First Ever CTO Sets Sights On Making Company Top Ten Innovator In The World

Gopichand Katragadda, CTO of Tata Group
Peter High interviews the CTO of India’s most well known company, Tata Group, and discusses innovation, how India is a doorway to the global marketplace, and his thoughts on India’s education system, as well as a variety of other topics

CIO Makes a Statement With Mobile Solutions, by Peter High in CIO Insight Article

Dan Holohan, CIO of Advisory Board Company, talks about his role as Chief Information Officer
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with Dan Holohan, about his organization, how he has worked towards mobile solutions, facilitation of stronger analytics, and improved collaboration technology, among other topics.

Mike Gioja Of Paychex’s Career Ascent To Lead IT And Product Management And Development

Mike Gioja Of Paychex’s Career Ascent To Lead IT And Product Management And Development
Peter High discusses with Mike Gioja, SVP IT and Product Management & Development of Paychex, his rise to the role and his journey to becoming a CIO Plus leading the Product Management & Development group.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: Shaygan Kheradpir, CEO of Juniper Networks

Shaygan Kheradpir, CEO of Juniper Networks, discusses his rise to becoming the CEO of Juniper Networks and how his background influenced his path to the role, with Metis Strategy

Making A Great Last Impression: Seven Steps To A Positive Job Departure, article in Forbes

Changing jobs again?
As changing multiple jobs becomes the norm rather than exception, millenials need to pay attention to not burning bridges with ex-employers.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: Meg McCarthy, Aetna

Moving beyond CIO to EVP of Operations and Technology
Meg McCarthy, EVP of Operations and Technology at Aetna, discusses her career trajectory and leadership experiences in managing business-IT alignment.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: Mark Polansky, Korn/Ferry

Moving Beyond CIO- the executive search firm perspective
As Managing Director of executive search firm Korn/Ferry’s North American IT officers practice, Mark Polansky has unique insight into what it takes to rise to, and beyond, CIO