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Equifax CTO On The Company’s Path Back From The Breach

Peter High interviews Bryson Koehler, the Chief Technology Officer of Equifax. They discuss Bryson’s take on blockchain and the cloud, how Equifax invests in artificial intelligence, his approach to obtaining the best talent, among other topics.

Lessons From The Man Who Is Revolutionizing The Grocery Business

Peter High interviews Paul Clarke, the CTO of Ocado. They discuss Ocado’s roadmap for a frictionless customer experience, the advantages of its business model, its culture of disruptive innovation, among other topics.

Max Tegmark Hopes To Save Us From AI’s Worst Case Scenarios

Peter High interviews Max Tegmark, a professor of physics and cosmology at MIT, and the author of the book, “Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” They discuss how governments, academia, and companies can help create a better future with AI, the comparisons between prior science advancements and today’s intelligence advancements, how Max became interested in AI, among other topics.

Travelport’s CIO Helps Drive Product Innovation

Peter High interviews Matt Minetola, the CIO of Travelport. They discuss the value of the cloud, the importance of quickly digesting and managing data, Travelport’s focus on the customer experience, among other topics.

General Stanley McChrystal Separates Myth From Reality In Leadership

Peter High interview General Stanley McChrystal. They discuss McChrystal’s evolving opinions on Robert E. Lee, his experience with his nemesis in Al Qaeda Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and why he dedicated his book to John McCain and John Lewis.

Red Hat Aims To Be The Default Choice For Next-Generation IT

Peter High interviews Mike Kelly, the CIO of Red Hat. They discuss Red Hat’s strategic priorities and mission to become the default choice for next-generation IT, how IT differentiates itself within a technology organization, how Red Hat engages with the CIO community to learn from their different experiences, among other topics.

Lenovo CIO Arthur Hu Is The Chief Information Officer Of The Future

Peter High interviews Art Hu, CIO of Lenovo. They discuss Lenovo’s IT roadmap, the commonalities and differences between working in the US and China, the three intersecting elements of a business transformation, among other topics

Thoughts On The AI Superpowers From The Person Who Understands Them Best

Peter High interviews Kai-Fu Lee, Founder of Sinovation Ventures. They discuss how China is well positioned to surpass the US in AI prowess, the stunning, government-supported progress China’s technology sector has made in recent years, among other topics.

Kimberly Johnson’s Path From Chief Credit Officer To Chief Operating Officer Of Fannie Mae

Peter High interviews Kimberly Johnson, COO of Fannie Mae. They discuss Kimberly’s path to the COO role, Kimberly’s take on green financing, the similarities between risk and operations, among other topics.

FINRA Manages 50 Billion Daily Transactions Using The Public Cloud

Peter High interviews Steve Randich, CIO of FINRA. They discuss Steve’s view on the future of robotics and automation, Washington, D.C.’s market for technology skills, how the best IT teams serve as a trusted advisor to the business, among other topics.