Corporate, Divisional, and IT Strategy Development

Developing and translating high-level strategy into value-generating initiatives

One of Metis Strategy’s three main practice areas is the Corporate, Divisional, and IT Strategy Development service. This practice area centers around developing, advancing, or refining a cascading corporate, divisional, and IT strategic framework that translates high-level business objectives into focused and value-generating initiatives.  We strongly believe that the strategic thread that does not stop at the board room, but runs through to the line manager, is what knits together the fabric of a successful organization. While all of our engagements are tailored to the client’s needs, we often leverage our strategic planning and project portfolio management methodology, STAR, as well as our growth opportunity identification and analysis, in order to help clients devise strategies and tactics towards achieving their mission and vision in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.

“Metis Strategy helped us make big decisions on a number of key initiatives. Their real-world experience coupled with their ability to perform deep analysis gave our organization confidence in our new direction.”

Marc Saffer, Chief Information Officer of J. Crew and Former CIO of Duane Reade

Client engagements in this practice area emphasize the translation of higher-level corporate strategies into more operational business unit strategies as well as the alignment of different strategic frameworks to information technology strategy. Corporate and business unit strategy cases have varying focal points: some are focused on the enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness as measured against a well-established strategic framework while others more specifically aim at managing or sustaining growth, analyzing competitive and comparative strategic positions, enhancing customer value-creation, or fostering innovation. We regularly conduct growth opportunity research and identification exercises for our clients in order to help them capitalize on the ever-evolving marketplace.

Additionally, this practice area focuses on the unique aspects and the strategic role of technology and IT strategies in most organizations. It aims to leverage the role that IT plays in supporting, developing, and spearheading initiatives on behalf of the rest of the corporation. In our client engagements, we look beyond the traditional support role and IT-business alignment challenge that some organizations face, and focus on IT’s strategic value contribution to all business areas and the organization as a whole. In an ever-evolving world, information technology should be leveraged as a competitive advantage.

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