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December 15, 2014

People, IT and Business Partnerships

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Mike Gioja, SVP of IT and Product Management & Development of Paychex, Inc.

In this interview, Mike Gioja, SVP of IT and Product Management for Paychex, Inc., discusses World Class IT principle one, People, and principle four, IT-Business Partnerships, with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • Mike’s unique experiences outside of the IT function, many of which lead and continue to enhance to his now “CIO+” role at Paychex
  • The innovative mechanisms Mike employs that encourage his IT team to build a broader understanding of how their products are being used in the field
  • The challenges and opportunities Mike identified when leading Paychex’s product portfolio transformation from that which was service-oriented to a more software-oriented set of offerings
  • The ability of open source platforms that provide employee-basic services that enable the easy creation of a new business, as well as how that has resulted in loosened barriers to entry
  • Mike’s continuing journey in transforming the Paychex organization into one that fully utilizes the Agile approach
  • Eye on the Trends: Open source platforms, Mobility, frameworks, social media, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service