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September 17, 2018

People, Infrastructure, External Partnerships

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Bill Murphy, Chief Technology Officer at Blackstone

In this interview, Peter High speaks with Bill Murphy, Chief Technology Officer at Blackstone. Among the topics they discuss include:
  • Blackstone’s IT strategy, which focuses on the coordination of many small use cases across an extremely broad spectrum versus
  • Blackstone’s focus on optimizing their business to ensure that all professionals have a secure and stable set of applications and the tools needed to be as efficient as possible in driving productivity.
  • How larger companies have been overtaken by startups by failing to update their legacy technology, and how Blackstone has worked tirelessly to ensure that the innovation-preventing technical debt does not accumulate.
  • How the CTO role has evolved, and its current focus on integration solutions.
  • Why companies need to embrace and dream ahead with technology, how the CIO and CTO roles vary in difficulty based on the CEO’s approach to innovation, and the difficulty across all companies to find the necessary talent to innovate.
  • Sapient’s culture of teamwork and collaboration, his role at Capital IQ focused on what their customers were being delivered, and Blackstone’s long-term view of investing, which originally drew Bill’s interest.
  • Google, Microsoft, and Amazon’s innovation in a space that all companies can take advantage of.
  • An eye on the trends: The cloud, Machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence [AI]