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October 12, 2015

Project and Portfolio Management, IT and Business Partn...

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Dick Daniels, EVP and CIO of Kaiser Permanente

In this interview, Dick Daniels, Executive Vice President and CIO of Kaiser Permanente, discusses World Class IT principle three, Project/Portfolio Management, principle four, IT & Business Partnerships, and principle five, External Partnerships with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • His role as CIO of Kaiser Permanente and how he organized his work starting on an interim basis
  • Some of the fine-tuning of the IT organization that he undertook upon rising to his CIO post
  • How Agile vs. Waterfall methodologies are used to ensure that projects continue moving forward
  • Whether he developed quick wins and areas of focus to prove success
  • How his prior work experience within the financial service industry compares to the healthcare space from a pace of technology adoption point of view
  • What methods he uses to engage his colleagues from internal and external partners of the IT department
  • How he organizes his team to bring innovation into the organization
  • What role external partners play in innovative activities and as sources of new ideas
  • Eye on the Trends: Mobile platforms, Video-conferencing with doctors, Digital membership cards