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August 13, 2018

People, Infrastructure, External Partnerships

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Ann Dozier, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits

In this interview, Peter High speaks with Ann Dozier, the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Southern Glazer's Wine and Spirits. Among the topics they discuss include:
  • An overview of Glazer’s, North America’s largest wine and spirit distributor with over five thousand brands.
  • Ann’s role as CIO, where she is responsible for infrastructure, information security, the supply chain, digital, among other areas.
  • Glazer’s objective with digital as it relates to the customer experience, which is to ensure that customers and supplier-partners can interact with them on their terms
  • How Glazer’s has merged the IT organizations to ensure that the company is meeting State regulations while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit within the company.
  • How the merger and integration with Legacy Glazer’s provided an opportunity to both integrate and update legacy systems.
  • How Glazer’s has leveraged their network of partners to drive the technology for the future.
  • How Glazer’s was able to complete a high-profile merger and add a national partnership while making sure the users did not feel the burden of all the movement by making excellent decisions and having the support of senior executives.
  • An eye on the trends: Business Intelligence, AI, IoT, Blockchain