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November 23, 2015

People, Infrastructure, IT and Business Partnerships

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Jack Clare, SVP and Chief Information and Strategy Officer of Dunkin' Brands

In this interview, Jack Clare, SVP and Chief Information and Strategy Officer of Dunkin' Brands, discusses World Class IT principle one, People, principle two, Infrastructure, and principle four, IT-Business Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • What the Chief Information Officer role entails at Dunkin’ Brands
  • How employees, as customers of Dunkin’ Brands, are able to suggest innovative ideas and technologies to enhance the customer experience
  • The strategy side of his role, and how that opportunity came under his purview
  • How technology is driving the corporate strategy and some examples within Dunkin’ Brands
  • Strategic planning, the process currently in place, and how IT strategy informs corporate strategy
  • Whether the role of strategy creation within businesses will continue to be undertaken by CIOs
  • The rotational program at Dunkin’ Brands to find talented future leaders in other areas of the company
  • How his role as CIO has changed across multiple industries in his career path
  • How he thinks about security
  • Eye on the Trends: Cloud Infrastructure, the growth of consumer technology, and Mobile Technology