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April 20, 2015

IT and Business Partnerships

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Emerson Spartz, CEO of Spartz Media

In this interview, Emerson Spartz, CEO of Spartz Media, discusses World Class IT principle four, IT & Business Partnerships with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • Emerson’s entrepreneurial spirit and his founding of MuggleNet at a very young age
  • His educational background, the rationale behind his early home-schooling, and his attendance at college despite the archetype of young entrepreneurs skipping higher education
  • Common characteristics of successful people and positive influences to Emerson
  • The science of virality; how Emerson became enamored with the idea of media influence, how Spartz media utilizes it today for generation of its content, and whether viral media represents a change in the future of media consumption
  • How businesses should be viewing virality
  • His take on parenting in the future