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Welcome to the Forum on World Class IT podcast series, a collection of exclusive interviews with Chief Information Officers and other IT industry thought leaders. Learn from the experts on how best to establish a truly World Class IT organization.

November 13, 2017

People, Infrastructure

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Neal Sample, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Express Scripts

In this interview, Neal Sample, discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, and World Class Principle Two, Infrastructure. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • Neal’s transformation of the Express Script’s IT department
  • Technology driven health care
  • Express Script’s apprenticeship to hire program
  • The steps Neal takes to prepare for new roles
  • The value Neal has derived from his Ph.D. in Computer Science
  • Fostering personal growth while adding value at a new position: change scale, function, or domain
  • Eye on the trends: high utility wearables