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February 19, 2018

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Theodor Forselius and Larry Sanger, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Information Officer of Everipedia

Among the topics discussed with Larry and Theador include:
  • The genesis of, and vision for Everipedia, including the company’s unique business model and its plans for growth
  • The differences between Wikipedia and Everipedia, such as unrestricted topics and blockchain infrastructure
  • The benefits of building Everipedia on the blockchain, such as self-governance, immutability, incentivizing contributions, among others
  • Everipedia’s forthcoming cryptocurrency token, IQ, and how it enables self-governance and incentives contributions by aligning the interests of editors with the overall success of the site
  • How the peer-to-peer hosting, rather than central hosting, enables Everipedia to provide access to information even in countries that typically censor free speech
  • Larry’s outlook on the future of blockchain and implications for the enterprise