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Welcome to the Forum on World Class IT podcast series, a collection of exclusive interviews with Chief Information Officers and other IT industry thought leaders. Learn from the experts on how best to establish a truly World Class IT organization.

December 11, 2017

People, Project and Portfolio Management, IT and Busine...

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Cynthia Earhart, Chief Financial Officer of Norfolk Southern

In this interview, Cynthia Earhart discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, World Class IT Principle Three, Project and Portfolio Management, World Class IT Principle Four, IT and Business Partnerships, and World Class IT Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:
  • Cynthia’s accounting and HR background prior to IT, how she found her way into IT, and how her new role represents the culmination of her skills and experiences
  • The myriad ways that Cynthia's experience as a CIO will help her succeed as a CFO
  • Cynthia’s perspective on the CIO-CFO relationship, given her exposure to both sides
  • The value that IT delivers to Norfolk Southern
  • How the company drives itself to innovate, despite being in an industry with a high barrier to entry
  • Cynthia’s strategy going forward, as compared to that of her predecessor
  • The gains women have made in senior IT and finance positions