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October 29, 2018: Art Hu, CIO of Lenovo

Art is the Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer of Lenovo, a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China. As CIO, Art manages teams in both the US and China, and is responsible for the overall delivery of information services, digital technology, and business transformation. Prior to Lenovo, Art spent over eight years as a consultant at McKinsey.

In this interview, Art asserts that as digital disruption accelerates, CIOs must lead the way in showing the organization how technology can be embedded into the business, and how technology can create new opportunity for companies and their customers. We also discuss Lenovo’s IT roadmap, the commonalities and differences between working in the US and China, the three intersecting elements of a business transformation, among other topics.


The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview