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March 26, 2012: Curt Edge, Chief Information Officer of The First Church of Christ, Scientist

Among other topics, Curt discusses the following issues with Metis Strategy:
  • Curt’s role as CIO of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and how the IT team builds an environment that enables flexibility in the rapidly changing publishing world and leverages technology to make the mechanics of publishing simpler, so that more time may be spent on editing and generating content
  • The unique perspective and differences deriving from being a church, and how this affects governance and spend
  • The importance of having IT personnel interact with the business, so that IT may understand what the business attempts to accomplish and vice versa
  • The value obtained from leveraging cloud computing, and how it enables IT to shift from focusing a majority of time on maintenance to spending time interacting with the business and helping them fulfill their objectives
  • The importance of finding the right vendors so that a meaningful, long-term partnership that is mutually beneficial (not just in terms of costs), can be developed
  • Eye on the trends: The exciting progress and potential of cloud computing and how the First Church of Christ, Scientist has already reaped tremendous benefit from cloud computing


Curt Edge’s Biography

Curt Edge was named CIO of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, the Christian Science Publishing Society, and the Christian Science Monitor in May of 2005. Before being named CIO, Curt had served as the CTO since 1998. Prior to his work at the Church, Curt spent ten years in Supercomputing , beginning at the Advanced Scientific & Engineering Computational Center for the Navy in Newport, Rhode Island, and ending at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center. Curt has been the Co-Principal investigator on several National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, including the Carolina’s Summer Institute for Computational Science. Curt has also served on the Board of Directors for the Shodor Education Foundation located in Durham, North Carolina, which focuses on computational science education.

The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview