Our People

Welcome to our collection of exclusive interviews with leaders of the prioworld’s leading companies about the benchmark segments of World Class IT.

Our team is a committed, curious, and experienced
group that thrives on new challenges

Our team members provide a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, which allow us to tackle issues from different angles. The most common thread among our team members is that they are perpetually committed and curious in the quest to help companies improve, innovate, and grow. We never stop trying to advance our own methodologies and thinking about how to ultimately deliver the most value to our clients. Our diverse team is able to serve as the necessary sounding board and to provide honest (and sometimes difficult) perspectives on how our clients are able to create value and achieve their business objectives. We believe our personal investment in prioritizing our clients’ best interest is what has lead so many of them to view us as their trusted strategic advisors.

Metis Strategy team members come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, including:

  • General Management
  • Business Operations
  • Financial Services
  • Law
  • International Affairs
  • Technology

Our team members bring great depth and breadth of expertise, accumulated over years in advisory services related to:

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Venture Capital
  • Hedge Funds
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Legal Services
  • Investment and Retail Banking
  • Best-in-Class Executive Research and Education

Our team’s diversity and expertise is rounded out by a variety of personal backgrounds. Coming from different countries, our team members speak multiple languages and have excelled in different cultural and professional environments around the globe. Our diverse backgrounds, training, perspectives, and cultures ensure an innovative approach to problem-solving.