Welcome to Metis Strategy’s Overview page, where you will learn about our client engagements, our intellectual capital, our methodologies and analytical approaches, and our people.

Metis Strategy is a boutique strategy and management
consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area. Our
clients choose us for our rich experience, unique perspectives,
and commitment to becoming trusted strategic advisors.

  • We are driven by a focus on delivering tangible benefits to our clients

    We pride ourselves on being considered trusted strategic advisors, as our consultants have consistently garnered praise for their dedication to ensure that our clients are satisfied throughout the duration of our engagements, and afterward. We are not only committed to make recommendations, but also to turn recommendations into actions and implementing solutions. Our clients range across industries from fast-growing mid-market businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Despite the diverse client group, the common denominator across all of our engagements is our commitment to complete client satisfaction and to ensuring that approaches and solutions are appropriately tailored to the client’s specific needs and challenges. Metis Strategy is proud to contribute to our clients’ success.

  • We keep a pulse on innovation and thought leadership

    We aim to foster intellectual discourses and provide practical insights based on the aggregate experiences from a great variety of engagements and other interactions with leading corporations. Whether it is through our Forum on World Class IT Podcast Series, our Book, our other Writing, or our Speaking, we strive to share best-in-class practices that continue to advance traditional thinking on strategy and management, while at the same time working with our clients to safegaurd confidential information. In an ever-evolving world, it has never been more important for our clients to be aware of their environment and to be conscious of how their organizations should adapt.

  • In addition to standard strategy and management tools, we leverage proven, yet highly customizable analytical approaches, methodologies, and solutions to address our clients’ needs

    Over the course of our rich experience, we have developed two foundational methodologies that many leading organizations have successfully adopted. The first is our Strategic, Translation, Alignment, and Refreshment (STAR) Methodology, a proven, highly customizable strategic alignment and project portfolio management methodology. The second is our World Class IT Assessment, a comprehensive information technology diagnostic that will help clients identify areas of opportunity and pockets of excellence. These two methodologies are often logical starting points for our client engagements, as they allow us to establish baselines and strategic direction while identifying areas of organizational improvement and process optimization. Building on these baselines, we regularly work beyond these methodologies as we develop a trusted strategic advisor relationship with our clients.

  • Our team is a committed, curious, and experienced group of professionals that thrives on new challenges

    Our team members provide a variety of professional and academic backgrounds, which allow us to tackle issues from different angles. The most common thread among our team members is that they are perpetually committed and curious in the quest to help companies improve, innovate, and grow. We never stop trying to advance our own methodologies and thinking about how to ultimately deliver the most value to our clients. Our diverse team is able to serve as the necessary sounding board and to provide honest (and sometimes difficult) perspectives on how our clients are able to create value and achieve their business objectives.