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Jim Dubois, CIO of Microsoft

In this interview, Jim Dubois, CIO of Microsoft, discusses World Class IT principle one, People, principle two, Infrastructure, and principle four, IT & Business Partnerships, with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • His role and how he prepared for his role as an interim CIO
  • How he drove progress during his initial time as CIO
  • How he ensured that IT was on the same page with business units from a strategic standpoint
  • The changes that are reflected in the way IT now does its work
  • As CIO he acts as an initial customer to his organization, and how he can lend an empathetic ear to other customers of Microsoft
  • Some of the ways that the IT organization is able to work across multiple levels of the organization
  • The strategic roadmap for the future at Microsoft (including the ongoing integration with Nokia, as well as the move to a subscription basis for major Microsoft products)
  • Advice on how to move from an interim CIO to a full time fit for the position
  • Balancing innovation and security with his background as Chief Information Security Officer for Microsoft
  • Eye on the Trends: Big Data, Machine learning, BYOD capabilities, Digitization