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Gaurav Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer of SnapLogic

In this interview, Gaurav Dhillon, the Chief Executive Officer of SnapLogic, an enterprise application and data integration software development company, discusses World Class IT principle two, Infrastructure, principle four, IT and Business Partnerships, and principle five, External Partnerships with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Technologies and capabilities that are ripe for the Cloud
  • SnapLogic’s strategic advisor CIO Council
  • The criticality of integrating technologies and capabilities
  • Embracing the changing technology landscape
  • CIO as the Chief Integration Officer
  • Companies’ need for data scientists
  • Eye on the Trends: The potential of leveraging the Cloud and Big Data together, the potential to access customers and employees in new ways through mobile technologies, and how Analytics will evolve from Business Intelligence to influence everything from pricing, to fraud detection, to product optimization

Mike Capone, Chief Executive Officer at Qlik

In this interview, Peter High speaks with Mike Capone, Chief Executive Officer of Qlik. Among the topics they discuss include:

  • An overview of Qlik’s, a leading provider of analytics software and visualization analytics, and their focus on the user experience.
  • How Qlik engages their diverse customers, which include end users, department heads, functional areas, and IT.
  • How Qlik solves a larger problem than their competitors by focusing on the entire data platform as opposed to just end-user analytics.
  • How the complexity of analytics results in a slightly slower transition to a full cloud model, and how Qlik is at the forefront of that transformation.
  • The value Qlik provides its customers by giving them an integrated platform to solve all their analytics needs.
  • How Mike’s experience as a former CIO allows him to better understand the product and persona Qlik is selling as well as empathize with the customer’s difficult task of dealing with a heterogeneous vendor environment.
  • Mike’s decision to hold a variety of different experiences in his 26 years at ADP as opposed to holding the same title at multiple firms.
  • Advice to CIO’s looking to advance beyond the CIO role such as ignoring those who say it is not possible, leveraging your network, and having the willingness to take unique experiences that force you out of your comfort zone.
  • Qlik’s free data literacy program, and the company’s social responsibility to increase data literacy around the world.

John Chambers, Former CEO of Cisco Systems

370: John Chambers, the former CEO of Cisco, reflects on his 25 years at Cisco, from his greatest professional regret, to the key factors behind Cisco’s massively successful acquisition strategy, to the critical importance of culture. We also discussed his work with the leaders of France and India to digitize their countries, what he looks for when evaluating companies to invest in, insights from his new book, Connecting The Dots: Lessons For Leadership In A Startup World, among other topics.