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Ben Fried, Chief Information Officer of Google

In this interview, Ben Fried, Chief Information Officer of Google discusses principle two, Infrastructure, principle three, Project and Portfolio Management, and principle four, IT-Business Partnerships of World Class IT with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Role of IT at Google
  • Ben’s priorities for IT
  • Google’s “20% Time” and Open Source openness
  • The “corporatization of consumer technologies” (or the consumerization of IT)
  • Cloud computing’s benefits and impact on IT
  • The future IT worker
  • Eye on the trends: The criticality of browser security and how it should not be an afterthought for CIOs, the rise of Android and tablets in the enterprise and the need for CIOs to proactively manage, rather than react to the change, and the emergence and potential of the Chrome Operating System to solve many of the challenges brought on by personal computing

Adrian Gardner, Chief Information Officer of Goddard Space Flight Center

In this interview, Adrian Gardner, the Chief Information Officer of Goddard Space Flight Center, discusses World Class IT principle two, Infrastructure, and principle four, IT-Business Partnerships with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Adrian’s role as CIO of Goddard Space Flight Center
  • The implementation of innovative practices through drawing from public, open source, and private sector communities
  • Cross-collaboration in IT, and how the various NASA centers operate in an environment that is both collaborative and competitive
  • How Goddard utilizes Big Data to support decision-making
  • Goddard’s security posture and the increased focus on data management
  • Eye on the Trends: Consumerization of IT and how consumers leverage a broad range of technologies and tailor them to their own individual needs, mobility and how individuals can have access to information from anywhere on any device, and the rise in open source and utilizing open source communities to develop and refine technologies.

Shafiq Khan, Founding President, Teach the World Foundation

Shafiq Khan, the President of the Teach the World Foundation, shares how he’s leveraging his experience as a digital pioneer to establish and deploy models of literacy and learning effectively and at scale through the power of digital technology. Globally, two of every seven people are functionally illiterate, and Shafiq argues that traditional models of education cannot effectively close this gap, especially in the developing world. Shafiq’s believes digital technology can democratize education to benefit not just the individuals receiving it, but the global economy as a whole.

Ken Piddington, Chief Information Officer of Global Partners LP

In this interview, Ken Piddington discusses World Class IT Principle Four, IT-Business Partnerships, and Principle Five, External Partnerships, with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Global Partners IT’s transformation from an order taker to a strategic partner
  • The importance of communication in establishing credibility for IT and improving operations
  • The way in which IT is focusing on analytics in order to provide the company with a competitive advantage
  • The necessity to not only hold vendors to SLAs and manage them effectively in order to ensure you get what you pay for, but also the necessity to share the strategic vision with vendors so that they can more effectively operate on your behalf
  • How Global Partners IT engages external clients to build relationships
  • IT’s future role in mergers and acuquisition
  • Eye on the trends: The pros and cons of the hot trends of cloud computing, social media, and iPad in the enterprise

Bruce Besanko, EVP, Chief Financial Officer, & Chief Administrative Officer of OfficeMax

In this interview, Bruce Besanko discusses three principles of World Class IT with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include

  • How the most important thing in defining a relationship between a CFO and CIO is the establishment of communication and transparency to build trust
  • The four ways in which a CIO must demonstrate the value of a project
  • The multiple resources models IT can employ when structuring its staff
  • The important considerations when outsourcing
  • The potential pros and cons of the various reporting relationships between the CIO and the CFO vs. the COO vs. the CEO
  • The potential for the iPad and virtualization/cloud computing to provide agility to the workforce

Rob Webb, Chief Information Officer of Hilton Worldwide

In this interview, Rob Webb discusses two principles of World Class IT with Metis Strategy. Some of the topics discussed include

  • How Hilton has worked through dramatic change in the past three years
  • The benefits of leveraging strategic sourcing partners in non-competitive areas such as infrastructure
  • Hilton’s approach to innovation
  • How to balance utilizing economies of scale while allowing different brands to operate independently
  • Exciting new technologies for the hospitality industry