Practice Areas

Our client work is diverse and constantly evolving in line with our clients' needs, but can be grouped into these three main practice areas, which are often the starting point for the development of trusted strategic advisor relationships across the entire range of our clients' endeavors.

Our objective is to ensure that our clients develop and execute on the strategic vision and direction that will create the most value

  • Corporate, Divisional, and IT Strategy Development

    This practice area centers around developing, advancing, or refining a cascading corporate, divisional, and IT strategic framework that translates high-level business objectives into focused and value-generating initiatives. By leveraging our strategic planning and project portfolio management methodology, STAR, and through growth opportunity identification and analysis, we help clients devise strategies and tactics towards achieving their mission and vision in a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment.

  • IT Organizational and Performance Improvement

    This practice area centers around our World Class IT Assessment and our organizational design and governance expertise. By diagnosing IT performance and developing and applying best-in-class management practices, with a unique understanding of how IT functions in the broader corporate structure, we help clients reach truly World Class IT performance.

  • International Expansion and M&A Advisory

    This practice area leverages on our competitive landscape and market analysis, expansion strategy development, M&A due diligence, and post-merger integration expertise. It includes the investigation of geographic and operational growth opportunities as well as the identification of partnership opportunities and expansion modes. We help our clients navigate the complexities, challenges, and opportunities of growth in an increasingly global business context.