STAR Methodology

Methodology Overview

Metis Strategy’s Strategic Translation, Alignment, and Refreshment (STAR) Methodology is a strategic planning and project and portfolio management methodology that has been used by many global corporations for over ten years. It has been implemented across a variety of industries within companies of different sizes.

“Metis Strategy’s STAR Methodology has helped us prioritize our product development efforts. It has allowed us to better demonstrate to the business why and how some products offer greater value than others and where we should focus our attention.”

Stuart Sackman, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy of Automatic Data Processing Inc.

A key to the methodology is that the strategic framework and the project and portfolio analysis are separated. Too often strategic plans are created with projects in mind, and project language even makes its way into the plan. Through the STAR Methodology, the objectives and the ideas to pursue them are separated from potential solutions to address those ideas so that no project is deemed sacrosanct, and therefore can be canceled if necessary.

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STAR Methodology Process

The strategic filter is one of several “lenses” that is used to prioritize the projects. Additionally, the following analyses are used:

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Project Interdependency Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Qualitative Benefit versus Change Analysis

These analyses are weighted and used to determine the ultimate priority of the projects.

Therefore, the STAR Methodology provides a comprehensive analysis that can be refreshed as time and events change. It ensures that all projects are collectively pushing the division and the corporation in the right direction.

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