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Welcome to our collection of case examples that provide a brief overview of our client engagements and experience.

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World Class IT Assessment, Multi-billion dollar gaming company

Situation: The IT organization of a Fortune 500 gaming client asked Metis Strategy for assistance in identifying the key principles that define a world class IT organization and to develop a strategy that would move them toward outstanding performance on each of these elements. The client had received widespread recognition as an IT leader both […]

ATK World Class IT Assessment, Alliant Techsystems

Situation: In August 2011, the IT organization of Alliant Techsystems (ATK) asked Metis Strategy for assistance in creating a new ATK IT culture that could bring together all the disparate, decentralized business units, groups and corporate into a unified, common method of operation. Approach: Using Metis Strategy’s World Class IT Assessment, the Metis Strategy team […]

World Class IT Assessment, Multi-billion dollar airline conglomerate

Situation: The new CIO of one of the fastest growing airlines in the world needed to obtain a preliminary view of IT strengths and weaknesses at multiple new equity partner airlines. Additionally, he wanted to understand the capabilities and weaknesses within the partner/owner airline itself. He asked Metis Strategy to lead the effort to understand […]