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An Introduction To DevOps From Its Godfather

An Introduction To DevOps From Its Godfather
Peter High discusses development operations with the author of The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim. They discuss the role of development operations in high performing IT organizations, among other topics.

The Best Logistics Organization In India Uses No Technology And A Mostly Illiterate Workforce

The Best Logistics Organization in India Uses no Technology and a Mostly Illiterate Workforce
Peter High discusses his take on dabbawalas, the most efficient logistics organization in India, through his travels in Mumbai.

How CIOs Can Join the Strategic Conversation -CIO Insight Interviews Peter High

Author and adviser Peter High discusses the role of today’s CIO, where that role has been and where it’s going
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with CIO Insight editor, Patrick Burke, about Jay Ferro about the role of CIOs of the past, present, and future, amidst the shifting map of today’s technology, and other topics.

Five New Year’s Resolutions For CIOs

Five New Year’s Resolutions For CIOs
Peter High discusses the five key trends in 2015 for CIOs to drive value contributions to the organization.

Six Steps To a High-Performing IT Department, Webinar xMatters & CIO

Six Steps To a High-Performing IT Department 11-13-2014What sets high-functioning IT organizations apart from the rest? That’s something every IT leader wants to know. After all, we live in a highly competitive business climate and IT performance can be the difference between success and failure. To conquer the challenge, we need to be informed and […]

CIOs Are Finally Getting Some Respect, Peter High featured in The Enterprising CIO Article

Peter High reflects on how the CIO role is becoming more valuable and strategic
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, was featured in The Enterprising CIO’s article discussing the increasing recognition and value of the CIO role.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Stuart McGuigan

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Johnson & Johnson
Stuart McGuigan, VP and CIO, focused on integrating lessons from his past stints as CIO with Johnson & Johnson’s fiercely open culture.

Best Technology Stories of 2013, article in Forbes

Best Technology Stories of 2013
Peter High discusses his favorite tech stories from the year.

Lessons From The Businesswoman With The Largest IT Job in Financial Services, article in Forbes

The Future of IT Leadership
Cathy Bessant, Global Technology and Operations executive at Bank of America, discusses World Class IT principle one, People, and principle four, IT & Business Partnerships, with Metis Strategy. She describes her approach to grooming future leaders, the way in which she sees IT woven into the broader organization at Bank of America, as well as the benefits of involvement in diverse board work.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Patty Hatter

The CIO’s First 100 Days: McAfee
Patty Hatter’s dual role as an operations executive and CIO allows her unique insight into managing IT.