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Microsoft CIO Jim Dubois Operates IT As The Company’s First Customer

Jim Dubois, CIO of Microsoft
Peter High interviews the CIO of Microsoft. They discuss Jim’s path to the CIO position, including his eventual rise from interim CIO to the permanent position, how IT acts as the first and best customer of Microsoft, as well as a variety of other topics.

Adobe’s CIO Helps The Company Move From Software Product Company To A Cloud Company

Gerri Martin-Flickinger, CIO at Adobe
Peter High discusses Adobe’s shifting business model to the cloud with Gerri Martin-Flickinger, CIO of Adobe. He also discusses the new skillsets needed in today’s information technology departments.

The Best Logistics Organization In India Uses No Technology And A Mostly Illiterate Workforce

The Best Logistics Organization in India Uses no Technology and a Mostly Illiterate Workforce
Peter High discusses his take on dabbawalas, the most efficient logistics organization in India, through his travels in Mumbai.

Five Steps To Programmable Retail Forbes

Technological frontiers in retail
Think Big Factory’s CEO outlines five ways in which retailers can leverage technology to improve their top line.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Ken Piddington, Global Partners

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Global Partners
Ken Piddington, the first ever CIO at Global Partner, reflects on the steps he took that helped his firm triple its revenues from $6 to $18 billion.

Forbes Beyond CIO Series: Tan Chee Hong, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (Hactl)

Moving beyond CIO to Chief Operating Officer at Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal
Tan Chee Hong, COO of Hactl, the world’s busiest air cargo terminal, explains why he believes this is the “decade of the CIO”.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Tim Theriault, Walgreens

Chief Information, Innovation, and Improvement Officer- a leader that is never settled
Peter High speaks with Tim Theriault about the constant search for new avenues for adding business value.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Mike Capone, ADP

CIO and Corporate VP of Product Development- driving business innovation through IT
In another CIO-Plus Series piece, Peter High speaks with Mike Capone of ADP, whose title speaks to the importance of technology products at the business process services company.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Chris Scalet, Merck

Former EVP of Global Services and Chief Information Officer- leading global business processes change
As the former EVP of Global Services and Chief Information of Merk, Chris Scalet oversaw the centralizing of IT, Human Resources, Finance, procurement, supply chain, and enterprise services, but the devil was in the details.

ADP’s Three Steps to Facilitating an IT Culture of Innovation, article in Forbes

In his Forbes “Technovation” column, Peter High shares his experience leading an IT innovation brainstorm session with ADP
Being a CIO for a company with “Data” in the name means you need to be on the leading edge of innovation. ADP CIO, Mike Capone, fosters a culture of innovation within his team to do just that.