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A King Of Viral Media Shares His Secrets

Emerson Spartz, CEO of Spartz Media
Peter High discusses virality with Emerson Spartz, CEO of Chicago-based Spartz Media, and founder of MuggleNet, and how businesses can take advantage of this technological trend

Top 20 Social CIOs

Today’s most social CIOs
Peter High discusses the importance of social media for today’s leading CIOs, the rationale behind creating a strong social presence, and lists the top 20 most social CIOs today.

The World Bank Group’s Board-Level CIO Transforms IT

Stephanie von Friedeburg, CIO of the World Bank Group
Peter High discusses innovation at the World Bank Group with Stephanie von Friedeburg, He also discusses the value of cloud deployments to a disparate set of country offices, managing data, and Stephanie’s interactions with Box.org as a board member

Adobe’s CIO Helps The Company Move From Software Product Company To A Cloud Company

Gerri Martin-Flickinger, CIO at Adobe
Peter High discusses Adobe’s shifting business model to the cloud with Gerri Martin-Flickinger, CIO of Adobe. He also discusses the new skillsets needed in today’s information technology departments.

How CIOs Can Join the Strategic Conversation -CIO Insight Interviews Peter High

Author and adviser Peter High discusses the role of today’s CIO, where that role has been and where it’s going
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with CIO Insight editor, Patrick Burke, about Jay Ferro about the role of CIOs of the past, present, and future, amidst the shifting map of today’s technology, and other topics.

Education Technology Innovation Series Summary in Forbes

This page is the hub to the ongoing Education Technology Innovation series in Forbes
Peter high discusses strategy and the industry landscape with leaders in online education and massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Tom Murphy, VP and CIO of UPenn

The CIO’s first 100 Days: Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy, CIO of University of Pennsylvania discusses discusses the importance of a CIOs first 100 days and the keys to success in navigating this challenging period.

Keeping Conversations with Divisional Heads Focused on Strategy, Not Tactics, article on CIO

Keeping Conversations with Divisional Heads Focused on Strategy, Not Tactics
Peter High discusses the importance of personal meetings or liaison type roles like the Business Information Officer (BIO) to foster communication on a strategic level and drive technology innovation.

Forbes Andi Karaboutis, VP and Global CIO of Dell

Andi Karaboutis, Vice President & Global CIO of Dell
Andi Karaboutis discusses with Peter High the unique intricacies of being the CIO of a technology company as well as the advantages of fostering an external customer-centric mentality and the value of close collaborations between the organizations of the CIO and the CMO.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Dale Danilewitz

The CIO’s First 100 Days: AmerisourceBergen
Dale Danilewitz, CIO of AmerisourceBergen discusses the importance of communication and understanding of IT and the business when leading a transformation in a CIO’s first 100 days.