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The World Bank Group’s Board-Level CIO Transforms IT

Stephanie von Friedeburg, CIO of the World Bank Group
Peter High discusses innovation at the World Bank Group with Stephanie von Friedeburg, He also discusses the value of cloud deployments to a disparate set of country offices, managing data, and Stephanie’s interactions with Box.org as a board member

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Joe Topinka, Red Wing Shoes

A CIO and Marketing Executive
Peter High speaks with Joe Topinka, CIO-plus of Red Wing Shoes, who improves the company’s top and bottom line with tech-enabled multichannel marketing strategies.

There’s A Smarter Way To Tighten An IT Budget, article in Forbes

Bruce Leidal, was asked to cut IT cost relative to revenue in half over five years. He explains how he addressed the challenge without impeding innovation.
Peter High explains how the CIO of $1.2 Billion Carestream told the story of IT in light of significant pressures on cost control

Forbes CIO-plus Series: David Johns, Owens Corning

CIO and Chief Shared Services Officer- enabling growth through centers of excellence
In another CIO-Plus Series piece, Peter High talks with David Johns of Owens Corning about how he has yielded valued through Centers of Excellence.

World Class IT in a Services World, Peter High interviewed in Smart Enterprize Magazine

Peter High speaks with Smart Enterprise Magazine, an exchange of peer strategies and resources for IT Executives
With Everything as a Service, CIOS need a new recipe for success

McKesson’s Randy Spratt: Where IT Nirvana Meets Business Nirvana, article in CIO Insight

Peter High Discusses the Secrets to Managing the Growth vs. Cost Control Pendulum with the Innovative IT leader of a $112 Billion Health Company
In this one-on-one Q&A, Randy Spratt, McKesson Corporation’s CIO and CTO tells Peter High: “In my mind, business Nirvana is top-line growth. IT Nirvana is making everything the same, efficient, secure, leveraging economies of scale. In this scenario, IT controls things to a greater extent. In [too] many organizations, there is a pendulum that swings between these two scenarios, between Business Nirvana and IT Nirvana, never quite reaching either side before the momentum shifts in the other direction.”

United IT Revamps Processes, Business Relationships To Help Drive Company Forward

Driving change out of bankruptcy
The bankrupt airline is unique, both in terms of its investment in IT, and the inventive collaborative strategy devised by CIO Nirup Krishnamurthy that has contributed significantly to addressing United’s dueling needs to cut costs and create revenue-generating programs.