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The Best Logistics Organization In India Uses No Technology And A Mostly Illiterate Workforce

The Best Logistics Organization in India Uses no Technology and a Mostly Illiterate Workforce
Peter High discusses his take on dabbawalas, the most efficient logistics organization in India, through his travels in Mumbai.

Google’s CIO Bucks IT Trends To Stimulate Innovation, article in Forbes

Peter High speaks with the firm’s CIO
As the CIO of an organization that personifies innovation, Ben Fried understands the importance of infrastructure derived innovation.

Forbes Education Technology Is In Its Infancy But It Is Growing Up Fast

Massive Open Online Courses
Companies like Udacity, Coursera, and edX now offer content from some of the world’s leading universities for free. Could this change our notion of higher education?

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Joe Topinka, Red Wing Shoes

A CIO and Marketing Executive
Peter High speaks with Joe Topinka, CIO-plus of Red Wing Shoes, who improves the company’s top and bottom line with tech-enabled multichannel marketing strategies.

Five Steps To Programmable Retail Forbes

Technological frontiers in retail
Think Big Factory’s CEO outlines five ways in which retailers can leverage technology to improve their top line.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Kim Stevenson

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Intel
Kim Stevenson works hard to ensure that more is expected of IT at Intel

Aaron Levie Offers Insights Into Box’s Strategy And Previews BoxWorks, article in Forbes

Consumerization of IT
Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-Founder of Box, a leader in online file sharing and cloud content management, discusses World Class IT principles as they apply to his firm with Metis Strategy. He also discusses themes for Box’s upcoming user conference and how his company retains the competitive edge in the industry.

How Express Scripts Uses Analytics To Improve Patient Outcomes, article in Forbes

Big data, process automation, multidisciplinary R&D
Gary Wimberly, the CIO of this $94 billion enterprise, thinks of the company as a technology firm that happens to be active in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) space.

Google IT’s Mission To Empower Googlers With World Leading Technology, article in Forbes

Peter High meets Ben Fried, CIO of Google
At a company that boasts of the world’s best technical and managerial talent, the CIO role comes with its challenges and opportunities. Ben Fried leads his team to develop tighter collaboration with the rest of Google, to in-source infrastructure, and to use agile development methods.

ADP’s Secret To Innovation: Combine IT and Product Development, article in Forbes

Peter High speaks with the firm’s CIO and Corporate Vice President
After leading ADP’s Global HR and Payroll Outsourcing divisions, Mike Capone, the current CIO and a Corporate Vice President, understands the importance of business-IT synergy and IT-led innovation at the firm.