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Interview with CIO Insight China on World Class IT, Q&A with Peter High on World Class IT

How to Build a World Class IT Enterprise
CIO Insight China recently profiled Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, in an interview covering multiple topics related to World Class IT.

Know Thyself-and Thy Acquisition

Successful M&As are often those that make IT integration a priority
Mergers occur for a variety of reasons. Some companies want access to new geographies; others seek a quick path toward new products and services that complement their own; still others believe they can run the acquired entity more efficiently.

Out of Alignment

Hugging the business too closely can squeeze the lifeblood out of IT
Much has been written about the need for information technology departments to align with the business units within their companies. IT should understand the company’s strategic direction, so the thinking goes, and develop solutions to meet those needs. This trend led many IT departments to develop a return on investment (ROI) analysis for each project.