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Thoughts From The Most Active Investor In Robotics

Peter High interviews Rich Lunak, Chief Executive Officer of Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works.

Vince Campisi Drives Digital Offense and Defense at United Technologies

Peter High interviews Vince Campisi, SVP Digital and CIO of United Technologies. Among the topics they discuss include:

  • How United Technologies approaches IT and digital in a way that maximizes synergies
  • How IT and digital are organized and governed within the organization
  • How United Technologies manages offensive and defensive capabilities
  • How United Technologies organizes its innovation functions into United Technologies Digital and United Technologies Research Center
  • United Technologies Digital Accelerator in Dumbo Brooklyn, how priorities are set, and the unique processes they employ
  • Vince’s perspective on the advantages of companies operating at scale, versus the advantages of a digitally native organization
  • How United Technologies manages cybersecurity risk as an increasing number of its products are connected to the IoT

7 Considerations when Creating a Corporate Innovation Lab

How do I understand the consequences of technological change and position my company to capitalize on the opportunities?

Eash Sundaram, EVP and Chief Digital & Technology Officer of JetBlue Airways

In this interview, Eash Sundaram, discusses World Class IT Principle One, People and World Class Principle Four, IT & Business Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • JetBlue’s Mission: “to bring humanity back to air travel”
  • JetBlue’s biometrics boarding process
  • The two measures JetBlue uses to measure the success of their culture
  • Improving customer experience by merging technology and culture
  • JetBlue Technology Ventures: a venture capital subsidiary of JetBlue
  • JetBlue’s Innovation Lab
  • Eash’s board experience with Champ CargoSystems and SITA
  • Bringing multiple disciplines together to drive success
  • Eye on the trends: near field communication technologies

Terry Bradwell, Chief Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Officer at AARP

In this interview, Terry Bradwell, Chief Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Officer of AARP, discusses World Class IT Principle Four, IT and Business Partnerships, and Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Terry’s role as AARP’s chief enterprise strategy and innovation officert
  • AARP’s innovation lab
  • Driving an IT team to “be” the business, not only support the business
  • AARP’s Formula for innovation: Innovation= Culture + Process
  • Why CIOs make great strategy leaders
  • AARP’s mission to close the digital literacy gap
  • AARP’s broad ecosystem of external partners

Cynthia Stoddard, SVP & CIO of Adobe Systems Incorporated

In this interview, Cynthia Stoddard, discusses World Class IT Principle One, People. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Adobe’s transition to a software as a service company
  • Evolving Adobe’s IT strategy and culture using the characteristics of cloud technology
  • Applying customer experience principles to improve the employee experience
  • Tailoring tools to the needs of “personas,” or type of work an individual does
  • Evolving to meet the needs of millennial employees’ expectations
  • Using responsive design principles to create a consistent and seamless employee experience across surfaces (phones, tablets, computers)
  • Lab 82: Adobe’s collaborative workspace
  • Adobe’s work with Girls Who Code
  • Cynthia’s advice for women interested in a career in technology
  • Eye on the trends: big data, analytics, and AI