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Simultaneously The CIO And CDO Of Dell And VMware – Bask Iyer Does It All

Peter High interviews Bask Iyer the Executive Vice President of Dell Digital and the Chief Information and Chief Digital Officer of Dell and VMware. They discuss the importance of having the right people and processes in place when making a digital transformation, the differences in implementing the digital transformations at a Silicon Valley company such as VMware versus a company that is an order of magnitude larger in Dell, the value of the IoT, among other topics.

Barry Eggers, Founder and Managing Partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners

Peter High interviews Barry Eggers, Founder and Managing Partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. Among the topics they discuss include:

  • Industry 4.0 as the digitization of the manufacturing sector
  • The core technology trends that are enabling Industry 4.0, such as connectivity and computational power, intelligence, human/machine interactions, and digital/physical conversions
  • Barry’s timescale for the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies amongst large enterprises
  • The degree to which established manufacturing companies understand and are responding to the threats and opportunities presented by Industry 4.0
  • How Lightspeed, as a theme-oriented venture firm, approaches investing in the Industry 4.0 space
  • How Lightspeed investigates technology themes and their applicability across sectors and industries
  • How Barry thinks about the security implications of new technologies such as IoT
  • The differentiating factors Barry looks for when making an investment, such as the management team and core technologies
  • The genesis of Lightspeed Ventures, which Barry founded in 1999
  • How the partners divide up themes and determine where each will focus

Vint Cerf, ‘Father of the Internet’ and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Peter High interviews Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist and ‘Father of the Internet.” Among the topics they discuss include:

  • Vint’s early work pioneering what would become the internet, including his time at UCLA, Stanford, and DAPRA
  • Early milestones that hinted at the vast implications of/commercialization potential for the internet, such as networked electronic mail, document production and sharing, hyperlinking, web browser, and eventually, the iPhone
  • The internet as the common thread unifying Vint’s work across his many spheres of influence, such as academia, the public sector, the private sector, and not-for-profits
  • Vint’s role as Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, where he works with developing economies to create the conditions for internet infrastructure to be built
  • The unintended consequences of the global infrastructure that is the internet, such as misinformation and spam, and why international policy collaboration is a necessary part of the solution
  • Vint’s work as Chairman of the People Centered Internet (PCI), which focuses on materially improving the value of the internet to the growing, connected population. For example, PCI may ensure information is available in local languages, or promote services that improve economic stability, safety, or health.
  • How recent natural disasters such as the California wildfires and hurricanes in the Caribbean have led PCI’s to also focus on the role of internet infrastructure in disaster relief
  • The double-edged sword of technology, and the responsibility that engineers have to consider the ethical implications of the technology they are developing
  • Eye on the trends: cyber-physical systems, making IoT ecosystem a safe and trusted environment

Understanding The Top 10 Technology Trends For 2017

Last week, I noted Gartner’s picks for the top-ten technology trends for 2017. This list differed from the lists for 2016, 2015, and 2014 inasmuch as there are more trends that are not yet implemented by even leading CIOs than in years passed. My informal polling of CIOs suggested that most have roughly half of these […]

Boeing CIO Ted Colbert Drives Digital And Security Transformation

Ted Colbert, CIO of Boeing
Peter High interviews Ted Colbert, Chief Information Officer of Boeing about data analytics, finding areas of commonality within the business, innovation, and a variety of other topics

IT’s Shift From Service Provider to Business Partner

Chris Cutler, CIO of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas
The CIO of the largest public retirement system in Texas juggles many responsibilities, which include serving as a business leader and a sounding board

Monsanto CIO Jim Swanson Leads A Digital Revolution Of The World’s Oldest Industry

Jim Swanson, Chief Information Officer of Monsanto
Peter High interviews Jim Swanson, CIO of Monsanto. They discuss the impact of digital in the agriculture industry, how he aligns his IT organization with the needs of business partners and Monsanto customers, as well as his path across multiple organizations, as well as a variety of other topics

Conversational Experiences: The Next Frontier in Consumer Experience

Since we first created computers, we have been speaking their language. Now, they are learning to speak ours
Brandon Metzger discusses how tapping and swiping will give way to a far more familiar interface: conversation

Catalent Pharma’s CIO Has the Right Rx for IT, by Peter High in CIO Insight

Michael Del Priore, CIO of Catalent
CIO Michael Del Priore discusses how the IoT will play out in pharma, how a strong relationship with a few key vendors is crucial to success and more in this Q&A.

IT Takes an Aerial Lift Company to New Heights, by Peter High in CIO Insight

Ananda Rakhit, CIO at NES Rentals
The CIO of NES Rentals relies on data analytics to keep the company’s aerial lifts secure, properly maintained and in the right place at the right time