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Reflections on the Greatest Free Product Endorsement Ever, article in Forbes

How the “Consumerization of IT” overcame the Blackberry product endorsement from the President of the United States
In his Forbes Technovation column, Peter High examines how RIM missed the boat on the consumerization of IT.

CIOs Can Be Chief Innovation Officers, Too, article in CIO

Peter High writes an article about the synergy of technology and innovation leadership for CIO
Call it “CIO squared.” Companies are tapping savvy execs to handle two complementary roles at the same time: chief information officer and chief innovation officer.

Tough times demand CIOs shine, Article and Innovation Webinar with iTWire

Peter High leads an iTWire Innovation Webinar
Tough market conditions present Australian CIOs with an opportunity to seize the innovation nettle and demonstrate to the business how IT can deliver real business benefits according to an international expert who consults to Fortune 5000 companies around the world.

In Portfolio Management, Apps Alone Won’t Bring Order To Chaos

Tools deal in quantifiable information; they don’t possess the human virtues of discipline, creative thinking, or, most important, decision-making.
One of the most difficult tasks for IT departments is project portfolio management–and, of course, it’s also one of the tasks they most need to get right.