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How Global Partners Manages Its Software Licenses, by Peter High in CIO Insight

Ken PIddington, CIO of Global Partners
Global Partners CIO Ken Piddington discusses how the company works with its vendors, especially its software vendors, and enlists them as strategic partners

There’s A Smarter Way To Tighten An IT Budget, article in Forbes

Bruce Leidal, was asked to cut IT cost relative to revenue in half over five years. He explains how he addressed the challenge without impeding innovation.
Peter High explains how the CIO of $1.2 Billion Carestream told the story of IT in light of significant pressures on cost control

Three IT Trends for IT Execs to Pursue According to SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon, article in Forbes

Preparing for change is necessary with technology, and Gaurav Dhillon talks important trends facing CIOs
Peter High features SnapLogic CEO Gaurav Dhillon in his Technovation column, discussing tech that will drive competitive advantage

Great American Insurance’s CIO’s Five Steps to Becoming a Successful IT Executive, article in Forbes

Piyush Singh’s Five Steps to become a successful IT Executive
For his Forbes Technovation column, Peter High captures steps that current and aspiring CIOs can take to be seen as leaders in their organization.

Two Steps to Build Innovative IT DNA at Howard Hughes Medical Institute, article in Forbes

Peter High writes in his Forbes Technovation column on driving IT Innovation for a new CIO
As a new CIO, Mohamoud Jibrell built credibility by capitalizing on low hanging fruit and cleaning up the application portfolio.

Successful Chief Information Officers Speak the Language of Business: Finance, article in Forbes

Peter High writes about the importance of financial competence for IT
In the first article of his “Technovation” column for Forbes, Peter High speaks with Marriott CIO Bruce Hoffmeister and Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby about the importance of IT leaders being able to article value through financial terms- a language everyone in the business can understand.

World Class IT in a Services World, Peter High interviewed in Smart Enterprize Magazine

Peter High speaks with Smart Enterprise Magazine, an exchange of peer strategies and resources for IT Executives
With Everything as a Service, CIOS need a new recipe for success

Inside Qualcomm’s Integrated IT Infrastructure, article in CIO Insight

Peter High conducts a Q&A for CIO Insight
Norm Fjeldheim, Qualcomm’s SVP and CIO, shares his views on the company’s approach to “everything as a service” (XaaS), the rationale for choosing this strategy, the challenges he met along the way and the value he has garnered for his company.

The New CIO’s First Steps

A New CIO’s First Four Steps When Taking on His Position

Duane Anderson took on his first CIO role in mid-2009 when he joined ad agency Marquette Group and its sister agency USMotivation. His first steps? Focus on defining the present and future state of IT and strengthen governance in his organization.