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Mondelez International’s Mark Dajani’s Role Keeps On Growing

Mark Dajani, Chief Information and Process Officer of Mondelez International
Peter High interviews Mark Dajani, SVP and CIO-Plus about his expanding role within Mondelez International, his thoughts on process and innovation improvement, and how to create the infrastructure required to empower organizational innovation

An Introduction To DevOps From Its Godfather

An Introduction To DevOps From Its Godfather
Peter High discusses development operations with the author of The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim. They discuss the role of development operations in high performing IT organizations, among other topics.

Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, Pushes Mexico To Become Technology Hub

Former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, Pushes Mexico To Become Technology Hub
Peter High discusses IT best practices & the future of technology in Mexico with Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Kim Stevenson

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Intel
Kim Stevenson works hard to ensure that more is expected of IT at Intel

Forbes CIO-plus Series: David Johns, Owens Corning

CIO and Chief Shared Services Officer- enabling growth through centers of excellence
In another CIO-Plus Series piece, Peter High talks with David Johns of Owens Corning about how he has yielded valued through Centers of Excellence.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Chris Laping, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

CIO and SVP of Business Transformation- a leader of change management
In an installment of the CIO-Plus Series in Peter High’s Forbes Technovation column, Chris Laping, SVP of Business Transformation and CIO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers talks about how to be a change agent from the perch of IT leader.

Five Ways to Prepare IT to Drive Productivity, article in Forbes

Peter High writes in his Forbes Technovation column on IT Productivity
Summarizing five ways to drive IT productivity, Peter High references a recent CEB study that suggests how CIOs can get the most out of their teams.

Tesla Motors and Qualcomm Identify When IT Standards May Not Be Necessary, article in Forbes

Leading CIOs of Tesla Motors and Qualcomm featured in Peter High’s Technovation column in Forbes
Buying over building — Standardizing processes across units– Two CIOs are bucking these trends for good reason.

World Class IT: The best CIOs are full partners in driving and executing business strategy

World-class IT requires the IT group to function as the central nervous system of the organization.
Peter High explains the 5 Principles of World Class IT and other topics including IT’s role as the central nervous system of the corporate body, how to strengthen the weaker links of the organization, and IT-lead innovation.

Peter High, Metis Strategy Founder and Author, talks about CIOs and their role in Business Success

An Interview with Enterprise Leadership

Enterpriseleadership.org sat down with Peter High, founder of Metis Strategy and author of the book World Class IT: Why Businesses Succeed When IT Triumph. Peter talks about the changing roles and importance of CIOs within a business’s infrastructure