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CIOs and Start-Ups: a Natural Fit, article in Forbes

Peter High’s Forbes Technovation column piece on savvy CIOs’ interest in start-ups
Savvy CIOs are getting involved beyond their own companies to sit on boards of start-ups and help their smaller external partners grow up.

Moving IT Forward

What IT leaders need to consider during mergers and acquisitions
CIOs have a complex undertaking during mergers and acquisitions: They often have to reconcile people and systems of multiple companies while being a driver of cost reduction once a merger is completed. Most mergers fail to deliver anticipated value due to risks that are not fully contemplated and mitigated.

Know Thyself-and Thy Acquisition

Successful M&As are often those that make IT integration a priority
Mergers occur for a variety of reasons. Some companies want access to new geographies; others seek a quick path toward new products and services that complement their own; still others believe they can run the acquired entity more efficiently.