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CenturyLink CIO Highlights Agile, Job Rotations, And Digital Transformation As Keys To Innovation

Bill Bradley, Chief Information Officer of CenturyLink
Peter High interviews Bill Bradley, CIO of CenturyLink. They discuss how CenturyLink is evolving its business model, how IT champions Agile development, and other topics.

Catalent Pharma’s CIO Has the Right Rx for IT, by Peter High in CIO Insight

Michael Del Priore, CIO of Catalent
CIO Michael Del Priore discusses how the IoT will play out in pharma, how a strong relationship with a few key vendors is crucial to success and more in this Q&A.

CIOs and Start-Ups: a Natural Fit, article in Forbes

Peter High’s Forbes Technovation column piece on savvy CIOs’ interest in start-ups
Savvy CIOs are getting involved beyond their own companies to sit on boards of start-ups and help their smaller external partners grow up.

Moving IT Forward

What IT leaders need to consider during mergers and acquisitions
CIOs have a complex undertaking during mergers and acquisitions: They often have to reconcile people and systems of multiple companies while being a driver of cost reduction once a merger is completed. Most mergers fail to deliver anticipated value due to risks that are not fully contemplated and mitigated.

Know Thyself-and Thy Acquisition

Successful M&As are often those that make IT integration a priority
Mergers occur for a variety of reasons. Some companies want access to new geographies; others seek a quick path toward new products and services that complement their own; still others believe they can run the acquired entity more efficiently.