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Mondelez International’s Mark Dajani’s Role Keeps On Growing

Mark Dajani, Chief Information and Process Officer of Mondelez International
Peter High interviews Mark Dajani, SVP and CIO-Plus about his expanding role within Mondelez International, his thoughts on process and innovation improvement, and how to create the infrastructure required to empower organizational innovation

The Top Five Smart Cities In The World

The Top Five Smart Cities In The World
Peter High discusses the smartest cities in the world with Steffen Sorrell of Juniper Research.

The Best Logistics Organization In India Uses No Technology And A Mostly Illiterate Workforce

The Best Logistics Organization in India Uses no Technology and a Mostly Illiterate Workforce
Peter High discusses his take on dabbawalas, the most efficient logistics organization in India, through his travels in Mumbai.

ATK CIO Says Metrics-Driven IT Paves the Way for Innovation, article on CIO.com

ATK CIO Says Metrics-Driven IT Paves the Way for Innovation
ATK CIO, Jeff Kubacki, discusses with John Gallant, Chief Content Office of IDG Enterprise, the importance of metrics-driven IT in driving an innovative IT organization highlighting Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, and his firm’s World Class IT Methodology.

Forbes The CIO’s First 100 Days Series: Doug Tracy

The CIO’s First 100 Days: Doug Tracy
Doug Tracy, CIO of CSC, discusses the keys to success during the first 100 days of leading a successful IT transformation.

Forbes Business CIO Series: Jamie Miller, SVP & CIO of General Electric

Jamie Miller, SVP & CIO of General Electric
Jamie Miller discusses with Peter High her background and rise to the role of SVP and CIO of GE and her priorities during the first 100 days of her tenure.

Managing Through Metrics: The Other Sides of SMART, Executive Summary

When designing a metrics framework isn’t enough
Chris Davis suggests how leaders can extend beyond just writing SMART goals to successfully manage and drive behavior through metrics.

Forbes CIO-plus Series: Chris Laping, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

CIO and SVP of Business Transformation- a leader of change management
In an installment of the CIO-Plus Series in Peter High’s Forbes Technovation column, Chris Laping, SVP of Business Transformation and CIO of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers talks about how to be a change agent from the perch of IT leader.

Successful Chief Information Officers Speak the Language of Business: Finance, article in Forbes

Peter High writes about the importance of financial competence for IT
In the first article of his “Technovation” column for Forbes, Peter High speaks with Marriott CIO Bruce Hoffmeister and Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby about the importance of IT leaders being able to article value through financial terms- a language everyone in the business can understand.

McKesson’s Randy Spratt: Where IT Nirvana Meets Business Nirvana, article in CIO Insight

Peter High Discusses the Secrets to Managing the Growth vs. Cost Control Pendulum with the Innovative IT leader of a $112 Billion Health Company
In this one-on-one Q&A, Randy Spratt, McKesson Corporation’s CIO and CTO tells Peter High: “In my mind, business Nirvana is top-line growth. IT Nirvana is making everything the same, efficient, secure, leveraging economies of scale. In this scenario, IT controls things to a greater extent. In [too] many organizations, there is a pendulum that swings between these two scenarios, between Business Nirvana and IT Nirvana, never quite reaching either side before the momentum shifts in the other direction.”