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Exec Who Ran $15B Digital Operation For Marriott Will Teach The World’s Illiterate

Peter High interviews Shafiq Khan, Founder of the Teach the World Foundation. They discuss digital’s potential impact on education, the illiteracy problem around the world, among other topics.

Andrew Ng, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of Coursera

In this interview, Andrew Ng discusses World Class IT Principle One, People, and World Class IT Principle Five, External Partnerships. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Andrew’s unique, evolving, and passion-driven career path
  • The impact of AI on existing industries
  • Recommendations for CIOs and CEOs starting their AI journey
  • Advantages of implementing a centralized AI org structure
  • Opportunities for smaller organizations to leverage AI
  • How lifelong learning can minimize jobs displaced through AI
  • The importance of building strong teams and cultures
  • Key cultural components for success: work ethic and lifelong leaning
  • Chinese verses US business culture

Harvard’s Education Technology Pioneer CIO, Anne Margulies

Anne Margulies, CIO of Harvard University
Peter High interviews Anne Margulies, Chief Information Officer of Harvard University. They discuss innovation, her approach to training, and the future of online education

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly Wants To Help Traditional Businesses Operate Like Google

Tom Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudera
Peter High interviews Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera. They discuss his position as CEO of an organization where the founders are still highly involved, how he manages talent, and the ways in which Cloudera educates its customers about its capabilities, as well as a variety of other topics.

Education Technology Innovation Series Summary in Forbes

This page is the hub to the ongoing Education Technology Innovation series in Forbes
Peter high discusses strategy and the industry landscape with leaders in online education and massive open online courses (MOOCs).

CEO Of The World’s First MOOC Provides Hope To Former Prisoners Through Education

Mike Ferrick, CEO and Founder of ALISON
Peter High interviews Mike Ferrick, the founder of massive open online course “ALISON”. They discuss the future of education and how Mike plans on bringing education to the most in need people, including developments in correctional facility education, as well as expansion abroad, among other topics.

Forbes Education Technology Innovation Series: Shai Reshef, President of the University of the People

Online Education
Shai Reshef, President of the University of the People, the world’s first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online university, discusses the foundation, ideologies, challenges and future of the University with Metis Strategy.

Forbes Education Technology Innovation Series: Nic Borg, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Edmodo

Online Education
Nic Borg, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Edmodo, a privake K-12 classroom communication tool, discusses World Class IT principle one, People, and principle four, IT & Business Partnerships with Metis Strategy.

Forbes Education Technology Innovation Series: Umar Saif, Vice Chancellor of Innovation Technology University, Pakistan

Online Education
Umar Saif, a computer scientist and entrepreneur, discusses his work in developing applications that can be utilized in his native Pakistan, as well as other developing countries.

Forbes Education Technology Innovation Series: Anant Argawal, edX

Online Education
Anant Argawal, the President of the online learning destination edX, discusses the benefits and future of open source learning.