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Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop CIO Has a Hunger for Tech, by Peter High in CIO Insight

Jason Smylie, CIO of Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, talks about his role as Chief Information Officer
Jason Smylie talks about the growth of Capriotti’s, his career path and how he has developed his personal brand online and a Twitter following 24,000 strong.

Disrupting Disruption: CIOs as Change Agents

Advice from Peter High
Consultant and author Peter High talks about why – and how – CIOs can become strategic pioneers in their organizations

Beyond CIO Series Summary in Forbes

This page is the hub to the ongoing Beyond CIO series in Forbes
The most talented IT executives are advancing beyond CIO to take on the very top leadership positions of companies. In this new series, Peter High profiles examples of this promising trend for current IT leaders.

You Have The IT Department You Deserve

Advice from Peter High
Peter High discusses why IT departments are successful, and why what IT leaders need to do to improve their standing within the overall organization

A One-Time-Only Opportunity, by Peter High in CIO Straight Talk Magazine

Peter High sits down with CIO Straight Talk Editor-in-Chief Paul Hemp and Managing Editor Ritesh Garg to discuss how to make the strongest first impression in a new CIO position

How CIOs Transform Companies Into Digital Leaders, by Peter High in CIO Insight Article

Dave Finnegan, CIO and VP of Technology and Interactive for Orvis discusses how they get the most of out technology
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks wth Dave Finnegan about the role of the “Interactive” department, the customer experience strategy, strategic planning, and his previous role at “Build-A-Bear Workshop”

Cathay Pacific’s IT Head Rethinks Innovation And Customer Experience

Joe Locandro, IT Director at Cathay Pacific
Peter High discusses Cathay Pacific’s IT function with Joe Locandro, IT Director of the airline. He also discusses the role of innovation at the airline and how IT is leading strategic direction of the organization.

The CIO Leads Innovation And Purchasing At $8 Billion Ferrovial

The CIO Leads Innovation and Purchasing at $8 Billion Ferrovial
Peter High discusses innovation with Federico Florez Gutierrez, CIO-plus at Ferrovial. They discuss his role as CIO, among other topics

How CIOs Can Join the Strategic Conversation -CIO Insight Interviews Peter High

Author and adviser Peter High discusses the role of today’s CIO, where that role has been and where it’s going
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with CIO Insight editor, Patrick Burke, about Jay Ferro about the role of CIOs of the past, present, and future, amidst the shifting map of today’s technology, and other topics.

CIO Strengthens American Cancer Society’s Cause, by Peter High in CIO Insight Article

American Cancer Society CIO, Jay Ferro discusses his role as CIO, the ongoing consolidation of IT across the organization, and priorities for 2015
Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, speaks with Jay Ferro about IT priorities, the consolidation of IT within the ACS, and his partnership with other CIO’s, among other topics