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How to Implement an IT Overhaul

Karen Renner, CIO of Novelis
The CIO of Novelis, a producer of rolled aluminum used in everything from soda cans to Ford trucks, reveals how she helped revamp the company’s IT infrastructure

Intuit CIO Atticus Tysen Develops Product Mentality Within IT

Atticus Tysen, Cio of Intuit
Peter High interviews Atticus Tysen, Chief Information Officer of Intuit. They discuss his journey across multiple parts of Intuit, culminating with the CIO position, resources he uses to stay on top of innovation, how he has a “customer-driven” mindset, as well as a variety of other topics.

JPMorgan Chase CIO Turned First Data President Guy Chiarello Reflects On His Rise

Guy Chiarello, President of First Data Corporation
Peter High interviews Guy Chiarello, Former CIO of JPMorgan Chase and current President of First Data Corporation. They discuss his career path to the president role, the role of security in financial services, and a variety of other topics.

Box CIO Paul Chapman Finds New Ways To Add Value In A Tech Centric Company

Paul Chapman, CIO of Box
Peter High interviews Paul Chapman, Chief Information Officer of Box. They discuss how he differentiates his business, how he prepared for the role of CIO, and cyber security, as well as a variety of other topics.

OpenAI Cofounder Greg Brockman Is Building The Xerox PARC Of AI

Greg Brockman, Co-Founder and CTO of OpenAI
Peter High interviews Greg Brockman, Co-founder of the OpenAI Institute. They discuss her artificial intelligence, the risks of AI, and the pressures of AI development versus AI safety, as well as a variety of other topics.

The First Ever CIO of $16 Billion Micron Technology

Trevor Schulze, Chief Information Officer of Micron Technology
Peter High interviews Trevor Schulze, the first-ever CIO of Micron Technology, about his first days at the organization, how his job began as the first ever CIO of the organization, how Micron Technology manages its talent, as well as a variety of other topics.

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly Wants To Help Traditional Businesses Operate Like Google

Tom Reilly, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudera
Peter High interviews Tom Reilly, CEO of Cloudera. They discuss his position as CEO of an organization where the founders are still highly involved, how he manages talent, and the ways in which Cloudera educates its customers about its capabilities, as well as a variety of other topics.

NetApp’s CIO Helps Drive The Company’s Transformation and Innovation By Being Customer One

Cynthia Stoddard, Chief Information Officer of Netapp
Peter High interviews Cynthia Stoddard, CIO of Netapp about her career path, the IT strategy currently in place at Netapp, and innovation amongst other topics.

Five Reasons Why There Are More Women CIOs Than CEOs or CFOs

Leading Women in Technology
Peter High’s 200th Technovation article is a discussion of the role that women play in technology, some highlights from former interviews with exceptional women, and the reasons that they have found themselves placed in the CIO position at higher rates than CEOs and CFOs.

ADP’s Innovation Lab Drives New Ideas And Cultural Change Within The Company

Keith Fulton, Chief Technology Officer of ADP
Peter High interviews Keith Fulton, CTO of Automatic Data Processing about innovation, the creation of an innovation lab, its effect on ADP as a whole, as well as a variety of other topics