Travelport’s CIO Helps Drive Product Innovation


By Peter High. Published in Forbes.

Matt Minetola is the Chief Information Officer of Travelport, a UK-based travel and technology company and one of the three major Global Distribution System operators. As CIO, Minetola is responsible for leading all aspects of Travelport’s technology organization and for the technical delivery of its Travel Commerce Platform. He believes that the role of the CIO is evolving to one of helping to develop technology that helps the company distinguish itself with customers. He also believes that CIOs need to help drive the way in which companies develop products.

Minetola has done all of the above during his tenure as CIO. To do this, Matt is focused on constantly identifying key technology enablers to help Travelport set itself apart. In this interview, we also discuss the value of the cloud, the importance of quickly digesting and managing data, Travelport’s focus on the customer experience, and a variety of other topics.

Peter High: Could you describe Travelport’s business for those who may not be familiar with it?

Matt Minetola: Travelport is a technology company in the travel space. We are at the core of most of the processing that takes place when people begin their journeys to travel around the world. Our company is focused on enabling the transaction of travel through our distribution platform to enable our suppliers, which are the hotels, car [rental agencies], and airlines of the world, to distribute their offers and brand across the globe. Our systems and platforms allow our customers to consume that data in a way where they can find what is most relevant to them.

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