Yvonne Wassenaar’s Journey From CIO Of New Relic To CEO Of Enterprise Drone Company Airware

By Peter High, published on Forbes


Yvonne Wassenaar has been named Chief Executive Officer of Airware, a company that provides end-to-end solutions that enable enterprises to scale their commercial drone operations and turn aerial data into actionable business intelligence. She will officially take over on June 26. In a post on, company founder and outgoing CEO Jonathan Downey noted, “Our next chapter is all about growth and scale — in customers, deployments, geographies, and use cases. It’s going to mean turning our vision and strategy into consistent execution. As different stages in a company’s history often require different leaders and different skills, I’ve been thinking seriously about who will best lead Airware through its next stage of growth and where I can best add the unique value that I can bring to the organization as its founder.” Downey indicated that he would remain heavily involved in the company.

Wassenaar joined Airware as Chief Operating Officer in May of this year after having spent nearly three years as the Chief Information Officer at New Relic. She noted, “Serving as a CIO has given me deep empathy for what enterprise customers will be looking for Airware to deliver as we partner with these Fortune 1000 companies and work to digitize their businesses.”

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