ADP: IT Innovation in Hard Times Pays Off

June 09, 2011
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ADP CIO Mike Capone kept innovation moving even during the economic downturn, thereby preventing his IT organization from becoming a cost-cutting target. A new mobile payroll initiative undertaken by his team is now driving new business as the economy begins to recover.


by Peter High

When Mike Capone became ADP’s first corporate-wide CIO in July 2008, he worked from the outset to be sure that IT was considered a strategic weapon within the arsenal of the corporation.

As someone who grew up on the business-side of ADP (prior to taking on his current role, he had been general manager global HR/payroll outsourcing ), Capone had been a user of IT. He knew he could speak with his new partners outside of IT with a degree of understanding and empathy that a traditional CIO might lack. Only a few months into his post, the economy was decimated. Based on Capone’s moves, IT was not the cost cutting target that it became in many other organizations, where IT was viewed as a mere support organization.

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