Are You Maneuverable?

October 15, 2014
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Are You Maneuverable?

by Rich Karlgaard featuring Peter High, published on Forbes


Excerpt from the article:

Two executive roles within companies are sure to change: the chief information officer (CIO) and the chief marketing officer (CMO). The CIO must figure out how to keep the company–and its vast numbers of maneuverable small teams–informed and flexible. CIO consultant Peter High writes about the weak link in most companies in his new book, Implementing World Class IT Strategy (Wiley). It’s a lack of coherence between corporate and divisional strategies and, worse, among divisions. Maneuverability is chaos without such coherence. CIOs will need to fix that.

The CMO will spend less time communicating to the outside world and more time shaping the inside story, for employees and contractors. What else can hold a liquid organization together but purpose, values and story?

To read the full article, please visit Forbes

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