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May 02, 2016
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The Most Talented IT Executives are Advancing Beyond CIO

by Peter High, series on

I would like to introduce a new series, which I refer to as Beyond CIO.” There is a growing cadre of former CIOs who have been promoted or hired into positions that continue to take advantage of their technical acumen, but provide them with expanded purviews. Most of the executives that will be profiled will be CEOs, COOs, or other senior executives who were former CIOs or CTOs. Again, this is a diverse lot, including executives from companies like:

In the kick-off article to the series, I highlight some common denominators among these trailblazers:

  1. All of them have thought about business value first, and technology second
  2. Most have worked in other business disciplines prior to ascending to the CIO role
  3. Many work within organizations that promote from within
  4. A majority have an MBA or advanced degree in a business discipline
  5. Many also have spent time as consultants


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