Chief Innovation Officers: The Growth of the Other CIO, Peter High featured in Wall Street Journal Article

April 03, 2012
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Peter High, President of Metis Strategy, was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Report, in an article called “Chief Innovation Officers: The Growth of the Other CIO”

Chief Innovation Officers: The Growth of the Other CIO

Article by Steve Rosenbush, Deputy Editor, on CIO Journal

Except from the article:

More and more companies are adding chief innovation officers to their leadership teams, but companies with innovation strategies to support their role are much scarcer, according to a new study by Capgemini Consulting.

The Paris-based consulting group and the IESE Business School collaborated on the report, which found that 43% of executives who responded to the survey said their companies have an innovation executive, compared with 33% last year. Yet 58% of those companies said they did not have an innovation strategy. In other words, for many companies the title of chief innovation officer is mostly for show. It’s like a new toy. Company boards feel that they ought to have one. They just aren’t sure what to do with it.

“Chief innovation officer is still a very new title within corporate America and beyond, and companies do not know exactly what to make of it on average. Some companies are finding people who have the right skill and mindset, clout within the organization, and bandwidth to be able to lead innovation activities, but they do not necessarily know what is expected beyond ‘more innovative ideas,’” says consultant Peter High, president of Metis Strategy.


To read the remainder of the article, please visit the Wall Street Journal CIO Journal.

To read a similar article, written by Peter High and published in CIO Magazine, please visit CIO.


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