Digital & Technology Transformation

Digital transformations use technology not simply to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to transform that service into something significantly more valuable. Our team helps establish the systems and processes that enable companies to become more agile and leverage real-time data analytics.

Digital Maturity Assessment

We have found that many organizations do not know their digital status. They are even unaware of existing cross-functional initiatives or unable to alter long-standing, traditional company structures. Our Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) helps to identify potential opportunities.

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World Class IT Maturity (WCIT)

Metis Strategy’s World Class IT Assessment is designed to provide a comprehensive, 360-degree view of IT’s performance and to help locate the most strategic sources of value and the greatest areas of risk. We have implemented this methodology across a range of IT departments within Fortune 500 companies, and we are proud to say that clients have literally painted our methodology on their walls. For many firms, the World Class IT Assessment has become a starting point for the IT strategic planning process

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Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Enterprise architecture is one of the most powerful management tools used by progressive organizations. A perfect vehicle for making multi-year technology changes, it enables the alignment of business processes and strategies with technology. Our team has built the EA strategic roadmap – including microservices and API-led strategic thinking -- for multiple organizations.

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