Federated Cloud Strategies: What CIOs Need to Know, article in CIO.com

December 15, 2011
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As cloud computing adoption skyrockets and business functions increasingly look to external cloud providers to provision IT services, CIOs need to consider federated cloud strategies to integrate and manage this mixed bag of cloud computing environments.

Article by Patricia Brown on CIO.com


Excerpt from article:

In many ways the concept of federated cloud is ironic. Cloud computing rapidly gained traction because of its ability to manage the complexity of multiple legacy environments while consolidating infrastructure. But as organizations move forward with various cloud initiatives, many CIOs are now wrestling a sprawl of clouds that seems to be spinning out of control.

“We’ve seen a lot of business people who are going rogue and making investments in the private cloud as opposed to working together with the CIO to develop a unified plan for how best to leverage the cloud,” says Peter High, president of Metis Strategy. “While many different parts of the business are making these decisions independently, when you add them up, these decisions may be very disparate.”

Beth Cohen, technology thought leader with Cloud Technology Partners, echoes those sentiments. “We’re also seeing a lot of business units hopping onto the cloud in various ways that is causing a headache for CIOs,” she says. “There is no question that CIOs are starting to think about the federated cloud.”

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Topics covered in this article:

  • Business unit leaders, intent on accelerating time to market, are dialing up public cloud application services almost on a whim.
  • A growing number of application development teams are turning to external infrastructure resources.
  • IT organizations respond to unexpected competition from public cloud providers by web-enabling their own internal infrastructures.
  • Public Cloud-to-Private Cloud Integration
  • Private Cloud-to-Private Cloud Integration
  • Public Cloud-to-Public Cloud Integration
  • Best Practices

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