Five New Year’s Resolutions For CIOs

January 06, 2015
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Five New Year’s Resolutions For CIOs

by Peter High, published on Forbes


In recent weeks, I have collaborated with a number of chief information officers at large companies, discussing not only their strategies for the year ahead, but also talking to them about their personal career objectives.  Some interesting thematic New Year’s resolutions have emerged from these conversations. The topic of velocity comes up a lot, as CIOs look for ways to increase the pace with which they can anticipate demand, partner with colleagues across the enterprise, and increasingly be viewed as a source of innovation. Many CIOs also recognize that the strategic perch they have within the corporate structure can provide insights into opportunities to make single investments that will impact multiple parts of the company and its customers. By leveraging this unique perch, more CIOs foresee greater value contribution to the enterprise out of IT in 2015.

A. Build IT for Speed

1. Develop an IT Organization that Better Fits the Enterprise

2. Refresh the Architecture and Infrastructure

3. Streamline Governance

B. Increase IT’s Value Contribution to the Enterprise

4. Become a Strategic Facilitator to the Company

5. Develop and R&D Mentality within IT

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